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Isabella | She/Her | Undergraduate Content Creator | Film Student 

Salve, I am Isabella, but most people just call me Izzy. Currently at Northumbria I am in my first year as a Film student, as I want to become an editor. Media production has always been a large part of my life and since being in high school something I wanted to peruse due to its outward thinking and team working elements. I love coming up with new ideas and brainstorming is definitely a strong point. 

Wakefield is where I grew up and moving to Newcastle has been a great source of inspiration for me as I have explored the city with its beautiful landscapes and the diversity of people, and I cannot wait to share my experiences in the city. 

In my spare time I love watching anime, reading manga, and playing games! Games let you bring your creativity to life. With story telling you can become anything you want to be, which helps when making film ideas. In addition, something which is important to me is history as I love visiting museums to see the rich history and art galleries as it shows you into the mind of a person. How they lived and how they felt. 

In being a Digital Content Creator I hope to achieve to inspire people to go out and appreciate the art of which is life. 



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