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Mark | He/Him | Undergraduate Content Creator | BA Real Estate 

Hope all is well. My name is Mark all the way from the Caribbean. A first-year student studying Real-Estate here at Northumbria University is who I am. As in international student I find a lot of joy exploring varies locations and capturing moments that are unforgettable in life. 

If you are interested, some hobbies of mine include track & field, gym, a night out with the boys and a 9am Monday morning lecture. Additionally, you must know that I love cooking and investing my time and effort into building a kingdom for my people. 

However, the one hobby I hold dearest to me is track & field. This is because in the beginning of 2023 I competed in the CARIFTA games for my country Trinidad & Tobago. This was a monumental moment in my life because it allowed me to demonstrate the love I have for my country. 

As an international student who lives 10 hours away from England; I now know the pain I can cause my family with the absence of my company. Nevertheless, it was time they appreciate my presence at home. If you are thinking I am all bad, I am not. This is because I regularly call them as a top-up of Great British Pounds is needed after a night out. 

Finally, I would like thank Northumbria University for being so welcoming; as I not only happy, but excited to journey these next couple of years with my people and lectures alike. 

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