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Rayan | She/Her | Undergraduate Content Creator | BSc Biomedical Sciences 

Hello beautiful people! My name is Rayan, I’m a final year Biomedical Science student, ready to graduate! Don’t get me wrong I love education but not examinations, I’m sure you agree with me.  

Anyway, back to me, I am a British- Syrian who lived in 3 different countries throughout my 20 years of life. This is part of who I am today as I learnt 3 different languages and adapted to unique cultures. This built my inquisitive personality that is passionate to explore and learn new things. Whether that is science, languages, or weird fun facts. Speaking of fun facts, I’ll tell you one about me I do weightlifting at Northumbria, and I love the powerful feeling of strength after a good lift.  

I moved to Newcastle to study, and I instantly felt welcomed and included as part of the city. The diverse communities from around the world created the sense of inclusion and a place for everyone which made me think about staying in Newcastle for my next steps in my career journey. 

As a STEM ambassador, I am eager to share my Science knowledge to others and so I am a freelance Science and Maths tutor. Alongside that, I managed to co-find an e-commerce business with my family. This equipped me with a transferable set of skills, including photography, web design, and digital marketing. 

I am excited to be part of an amazing team of content creators at Northumbria. Stay tuned for upcoming content!  

سلام (peace) 

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