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Please fill in this form to tell prospective undergraduate students about your experience at Northumbria University.

Please fill in this form to tell prospective undergraduate students about your experience at Northumbria University.

1. Consent Form

Click here to download the consent form. Once filled out, please send this, alongside imagery of yourself, to

2. Profile Form

Format of Content

All participants acknowledge that by completing and submitting this signed form (a) you give your consent to Northumbria University to publish any responses, photographs or video that we have taken, or that you have provided to us (in whole or in part) to make up a profile or testimonial for the University’s promotional materials (b) you understand that such materials may be published in print or electronically via the internet via the University Website (c) you have not provided information within the profile that you would not like to appear publicly (d) that your image and profile will be retained for a minimum of three years  or in the case of those published, for three following publication or until material naturally reaches the end of its shelf-life if in print.  

Images: Should be taken against a plain white, black or grey colour background, 150dpi minimum and jpeg format.  If you would prefer to not have an image of yourself please supply an image of your work or from your time (maybe on placement/year abroad) that you have permission to use. 

Films: If you would also like to provide us with some film footage describing your time at Northumbria then we would more than welcome that footage.  Ideally it would be you talking to camera in a talking head style, starting by saying your name and then just talking about your time at Northumbria. The video can be as long as you’d like to make it, but we would ideally look at around 2-3 minutes. We would also welcome short videos of you just saying to camera – your name, course you study at Northumbria, and then explaining in three words what Northumbria University means to you.   

We would edit the video here so you don’t have to worry about it looking like a finished piece or working as one.  We would also send the final video to you for approval and sign off.

An example is alumnus David Irwin talking about his time at Northumbria and talking about his current career Please note we do not expect videos to be submitted back like this and it is purely just to show how David spoke about Northumbria and his career. 

You may withdraw your permission for us to use your profile or image/video at any time by emailing and we will action this within 21 days. 

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Northumbria Open Days

Open Days are a great way for you to get a feel of the University, the city of Newcastle upon Tyne and the course(s) you are interested in.

Research at Northumbria

Research at Northumbria

Research is the life blood of a University and at Northumbria University we pride ourselves on research that makes a difference; research that has application and affects people's lives.

NU World

Explore NU World

Find out what life here is all about. From studying to socialising, term time to downtime, we’ve got it covered.

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