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Dr Qiang Wu

Associate Professor

Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

Qiang Wu

Dr. Qiang Wu is an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Physics & Electrical Engineering, Northumbria University at Newcastle. He is also an adjunct professor in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Before joining Northumbria University, he was a Stokes Lecturer with the Photonics Research Centre, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.

He was a Senior Research Associate with the Optoelectronics Research Centre, City University of Hong Kong, from 2004 to 2006, where he was involved in research on polymer optical waveguides. He was a Research Associate with the Applied Optics and Photonics Group, Heriot-Watt University, from 2006 to 2008, where he was involved in research on laser joining in micromanufacturing. He is a committee member of Holography and Optical Information Processing committee, The Chinese Optical Society. He is an Editorial Board member of Scientific Reports (Nature Group, 2016 Impact Factor 4.259) and Associate Editor of IEEE Sensors Journal (2016 Impact Factor 2.512).

His current research interest lies in Photonics including the design and fabrication of fibre Bragg grating devices for sensing and optical communications; hetero-core fibre structures for novel fibre optical couplers and sensors; nonlinear effects in photonic crystal fibre, microsphere, nanofibres, visible light communication and its application for sensing, and surface plasmon resonant for highly integrated nanophotonics devices and their applications for biosensing. He has authored or co-authored more than 200 articles in academic journals and international conferences and holds three patents. He has been highlighted and interviewed by the journal Electronics Letters with the objective of understanding the background and rationale for his research on singlemode-multimode-singlemode fibre structures.

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Campus Address

Room E409
Ellison Building
Northumberland Road


  • Technologies PhD June 30 2004
  • Fellow (FHEA) Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2016

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Self-similar picosecond pulse compression for supercontinuum generation at mid-infrared wavelength in silicon strip waveguides, Cheng, Y., Yuan, J., Mei, C., Li, F., Kang, Z., Yan, B., Zhou, X., Wu, Q., Wang, K., Sang, X., Long, K., Yu, C., Farrell, G. 1 Jan 2020, In: Optics Communications
  • Three Dimensional Tetrapodal ZnO Microstructured Networks based Flexible Surface Acoustic Wave Device for Ultraviolet and Respiration Monitoring Applications, Tao, X., Jin, H., Mintken, M., Wolff, N., Wang, Y., Tao, R., Li, Y., Torun, H., Xie, J., Luo, J., Zhou, J., Wu, Q., Dong, S., Luo, J., Kienle, L., Adelung, R., Mishra, Y., Fu, Y. 9 Jan 2020, In: ACS Applied Nano Materials
  • A V-shape photonic crystal fiber polarization filter based on surface plasmon resonance effect, Qu, Y., Yuan, J., Zhou, X., Li, F., Mei, C., Yan, B., Wu, Q., Wang, K., Sang, X., Long, K., Yu, C. 1 Dec 2019, In: Optics Communications
  • Black phosphorus–polypyrrole nanocomposites for high-performance photothermal cancer therapy, Su, C., Zhong, H., Chen, H., Guo, Y., Guo, Z., Huang, D., Zhang, W., Wu, Q., Yang, B., Liu, Z. 6 May 2019, In: New Journal of Chemistry
  • Discrete self-imaging in small-core optical fiber interferometers, Lian, X., Wu, Q., Farrell, G., Shen, C., Ma, Y., Semenova, Y. 21 Jan 2019, In: Journal of Lightwave Technology
  • Efficient spectral compression of wavelength-shifting soliton and its application in integratable all-optical quantization, Mei, C., Yuan, J., Li, F., Yan, B., Sang, X., Wu, Q., Zhou, X., Wang, K., Yu, C., Farrell, G. 1 Feb 2019, In: IEEE Photonics Journal
  • Flexible UV sensor based on nanostructured ZnO thin film SAW device, Hasan, S., Torun, H., Gibson, D., Wu, Q., Cooke, M., Fu, Y. 20 May 2019, 2019 IEEE Jordan International Joint Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, JEEIT 2019 - Proceedings, IEEE
  • Generation of parabolic pulse in a dispersion and nonlinearity jointly engineered silicon waveguide taper, Mei, C., Yuan, J., Li, F., Yan, B., Sang, X., Zhou, X., Wu, Q., Wang, K., Long, K., Yu, C. 1 Oct 2019, In: Optics Communications
  • Highly coherent supercontinuum generation in a polarization-maintaining CS2-core photonic crystal fiber, Xu, F., Yuan, J., Mei, C., Yan, B., Zhou, X., Wu, Q., Wang, K., Sang, X., Yu, C., Farrell, G. 20 Feb 2019, In: Applied Optics
  • High temperature (up to 950 °C) sensor based on micro taper in-line fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer, Liao, Y., Liu, B., Liu, J., Wan, S., He, X., Yuan, J., Fan, X., Wu, Q. 12 Jun 2019, In: Applied Sciences

PGR Supervision

Rahul Kumar High sensitivity micro/nano singlemode-multimode-singlemode fibre sensors Start: 01/10/2015


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