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Affordable Things to do in Newcastle

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To me, Newcastle has to be the land of undiscovered gems. You can never get enough of the city, even if your account is running a bit dry after the New Year there's always something to do. Below are 7 of my top suggestions.

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1. Quayside Market

Price: Free/Affordable

On Sunday you have the absolute delight of the Quayside Market, just follow the aroma of hot food and the crowd of people. The Quayside market has a variety of pretty craft stalls with a spectacular view of the River Tyne. From desserts to even fresh local cheese you can grab for decent prices.

2. Chinese New Year Parade 春節

Price: Free/Affordable

2017 is the 'Year of the Rooster'.

Following the lunar calendar, The Chinese New year will be celebrated on the 28th January in Chinatown, Newcastle on Stowell Street. Bask in a day filled with Chinese traditional performances, music, food and drink for the festivity with no charge.

Chinese New Year - Grey Street

3. Grey Street

Price: Free/Affordable

Rightfully crowned a suave street in the North East and one of the best in Britain. When you walk down to Grey Street (or take the metro a station is literally opposite) you can have the choice to dine in a range of urban restaurants, shops and cafes. You can also go to Theatre Royal which features something for all tastes; Dirty Dancing, which is on throughout January, Scottish Ballet, Hansel & Gretel, ...even wrestling!

4. Creams

Price: Affordable (with student discount)

Creams is dessert heaven. Based on my flatmate’s praises, my flatmate and I went to Creams on my 3rd week in Newcastle and if it wasn’t the glittery disco ball and American-booth styles that catch your eye it would be there menu filled with sweet delights ranging from waffles, milkshakes to hot cookie dough. If you have a sweet tooth I definitely recommend going to Creams which is located around Grainger Street (plus being a student adds a discount on the desserts).

Creams Desserts

5. Metro Radio Arena

Price: Treat yourself

Just like most big cities, Newcastle has its very own arena. The Metro Radio Arena hosts a variety of music, sports, and stand-up from local artists to big artists like Ed Sheeran or The Weeknd. You’ll find loved artists performing at the arena.

6. Visiting National Landmarks

Price: Free

Fortunately, Newcastle does not only have many cool hotspots but has many historic locations to visit. The Angel of the North is perhaps one of the most iconic, the Angel resides a little out of Newcastle but it’s only a short drive away. In the Summer a great place to visit is Tynemouth Beach (let’s hope it’s not raining). St. Mary's Lighthouse is on the tiny St Mary's Island, just north of Whitley Bay on the coast of North East. Back in the city there’s Ouseburn Farm which is the most special farm, like have you ever heard of farm in a city? Ouseburn Farm is completely free and is a great cause ran by local volunteers and powered by donations.

7. How about a brew?

Price: Treat yourself

Sure, Newcastle has many Starbucks and Costas but when you visit somewhere you want to taste a little authenticity - in this case Quilliam Brothers’ Teahouse. The smooth brown leather encased menus and the classic decor, what feels like a business that’s been around since 1823’ was actually established in 2013. Handily located 5 minutes from the Library, the first time I went to Quilliam's I loved it! We were led down to a vintage style room with a low table and bean bags which also turned into a retro cinema room, where a had a teapot of Orange and Almond Rooibos (South African tea) to myself, the menu serves many types of teas from earl grey to oolong teas and you can also order nutritious breakfast. Plus, if you choose Quilliams or any other independ cafes (of which Newcastle has loads) you are supporting small local businesses! 

Quilliam Brothers Teahouse

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