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Agile Business Consortium Scholarship September 2021

September 2021 - Agile Business Consortium Scholarship

Three £1,000 cash scholarships

At Northumbria University, we embrace tomorrow. We pursue innovative thinking, forge new partnerships, create and exchange knowledge, and develop inventive solutions across a diverse network of subjects.

We're thrilled to announce the return of the Agile Business Consortium Scholarship which will help three exceptional Postgraduate students studying either Project Management, Project Management (with Advanced Practice), Business and Management, Business and Management (with Study Abroad), Engineering Management, Engineering Management (with Advanced Practice), Construction Project Management with BIM or Construction Project Management with BIM (with Advanced Practice) on their journey at Northumbria.

This remarkable opportunity will award three students a £1,000 cash scholarship, and what you spend it on is up to you.

Apply now and get ready to take on tomorrow. The deadline for the Agile Business Consortium scholarship is 17:00 on Monday 13 September 2021.

  • The students selected for the Agile Business Consortium Scholarship will be eligible for other applicable Northumbria University discounts
  • The Agile Business Consortium Scholarship is awarded as cash
  • The cash award will be paid as 25% in November 2021, 25% in February 2022 and 50% in May 2022
  • The scholarship will be awarded based solely on the scholarship application form - your course application form will not be considered
  • If your course is longer than one year, the scholarship will be provided in the first year of study only
  • If you defer your place, the scholarship offer will be withdrawn
  • Northumbria University reserves the right to withdraw this scheme at any point
  • The University’s decision is final and cannot be challenged; there is no right of appeal

  • There is a competitive selection process for this scholarship scheme. Applicants need to apply via online written application; a selection panel will consider all eligible applications.  Only three scholarships are to be awarded in total
  • Applications will be considered on the strength of the response to: "The great debate: to be or not to be agile? Present your case in no more than 1000 characters"
  • If successful, the award of the scholarship will be made conditional upon you achieving the required degree classification before the commencement of the course
  • Successful applicants will be notified once the evaluation panel has met, by Tuesday 28 September 2021

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