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Chaplaincy and faith advice

At Northumbria, we see wellbeing as related to all dimensions of a person’s being: cultural, social and spiritual as well as physical, emotional and academic. Our chaplains are on hand to help you by offering a listening ear, encouragement, prayer and, sometimes, advice. Chaplains are happy to talk with you whatever your stance on life and its meanings. Our work includes: “Spiritual life-coaching” or “spiritual accompaniment” - helping you to explore perplexities of meaning and direction in life.

  • Helping groups to meet in Chaplaincy rooms (or other parts of the University)

  • Facilitating opportunities for prayer, worship and spiritual exploration

  • Finding and disseminating information on local places of worship: churches, synagogues, mosques, mandir, gurdwara and other similar places

  • Advising on the quiet spaces and prayer places that are available on campus, including the Peace Room, the Quiet Room, the meeting room and the Muslim Prayer Facility

  • Linking up the University, student faith societies and student faith groups based outside the university and the Students' Union.

  • Promoting understanding between people of different life-stances and encouraging dialogue, debate and respectful and frank exchanges of views.

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