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Chaplaincy and faith advice

At Northumbria, we see wellbeing as related to all dimensions of a person’s being: cultural, social and spiritual as well as physical, emotional and academic. Our chaplains are on hand to help you by offering a listening ear, encouragement, prayer and, sometimes, advice. Chaplains are happy to talk with you whatever your stance on life and its meanings. Our work includes:

  • “Spiritual life-coaching” or “spiritual accompaniment” - helping you to explore perplexities of meaning and direction in life
  • Helping groups to meet in Chaplaincy rooms (or other parts of the University)
  • Facilitating opportunities for prayer, worship and spiritual exploration
  • Finding and disseminating information on local places of worship: churches, synagogues, mosques, mandir, gurdwara and other similar places
  • Advising on the quiet spaces and prayer places that are available on campus, including the Peace Room, the Quiet Room, the meeting room and the Muslim Prayer Facility
  • Click here to register online to gain access to the Muslim Prayer Rooms
  • Linking up the University, student faith societies and student faith groups based outside the university and the Students' Union.
  • Promoting understanding between people of different life-stances and encouraging dialogue, debate and respectful and frank exchanges of views.



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Contact Us

Tel: +44 (0) 191 227 3284


Meet the Team

Andii _bowsherRev Andii Bowsher (Church of England) 
Co-ordinating Faith Advisor and Anglican Chaplain

If you're interested in issues of climate-chaos, justice, peace, relating to other faiths, any of those things in relation to prayer, worship or reflection together with others, do get in touch. Or, if you’re looking for faith exploration, scripture reading groups...

Like with my colleagues, you don't have to be 'religious' to take up the offer of a listening ear or a chance to get something off your chest. We talk about spiritual stuff if you want us to, but not if you don't.

As the co-ordinating faith advisor I work to help students and staff of the university to be able to access the support of other chaplains as well as offering my own help directly. My work also involves helping chaplains and local faith communities to find appropriate ways to relate to the university.

As Anglican Chaplain, I help students to be able to explore Christian faith and particularly the Anglican or Episcopalian traditions within that. Sometimes that can involve enabling individuals or small groups to meet for exploration or worship together. Sometimes it can mean helping people to be in touch with groups in the community or wider church world.

The Chaplaincy
Room 407
Wynne Jones Building
Tel: 0191 227 3284 (office)
Twitter: @AnglEpiscaplain


 Andrew Shaw

Father Andrew Shaw (Roman Catholic)

Catholic Chaplaincy
14 Windsor Terrace


I was born in 1973 in Sydney Australia and came to the United Kingdom with my British parents when they return home to Newcastle.  We settled in Northumberland close to where my Dad found work and I lived there for majority of my life (so far).  In 1989 I left school, found employment and worked for the next 10 years in banking here on the Mainland and also Off Shore in the Channel Islands.

In 1999 I entered Seminary (Priests Training) at Ushaw College, Durham.  In 2003 after graduating with a BA in Theology and Ministry I left Seminary taking time to discern what direction God was asking me to live my life.  During this time, I found employment with Byker Bridge Housing Association.  I worked and managed a number of schemes working with vulnerable adults from the age of 16.  This varied from the re settlement of young offenders to supporting people with a variety of complex needs.

In 2006 I re-entered Seminary and was ordained a priest for the Catholic Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.  Since then I have worked in Durham, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Newcastle City Centre.  I have also been a priest chaplain, Governor and Associate Governor to a number of primary and secondary schools. I was asked to move here to Newcastle in January 2016 to be Parish Priest of Saint Andrews, Worswick Street and Catholic Chaplain to the Freeman and RVI hospitals and also the Centre for Aging and Vitality along with ministering to Catholic patients who are receiving palliative care in the Marie Currie Hospice. 

September 2018 a new chapter begins. I was asked by the Bishop of the Diocese to minister to the Catholic students who are arriving and living in and around the city of Newcastle.  I am excited and looking forward to undertaking this new ministry, working alongside the wider chaplaincy team and meeting you regardless of whether you are a person of faith, just looking or of no faith.  Take care and I hope to see you around on Campus.  Do say hello if you recognise me from my photo.  

Aaron _lipseyRabbi Aaron Libsey (Jewish)

Graham Park Road
Tel:  07793 74 64 54

I am the Jewish Chaplain here at Northumbria University as well as the other universities in the North East. In my spare time I lead a community of real people based in Gosforth. Last year in a moment of madness I enrolled on a Masters program in Religions and Theology at the University of Manchester and I have spent the last twelve months sheepishly explaining to all who will listen how Northumbria is a great place to study despite not choosing to do so myself.

Just for kicks I sit on the executive of the Rabbinical Council of the Provinces, organising conferences and training days for colleagues in the provincial Rabbinate. If you need to know about conference facilities anywhere in the UK from Aberdeen to erm.. somewhere that begins with a Z, I'm your man.

If you have deep and meaningful questions about religion, faith and God I will offer you my unique Jewish perspective (assuming I can’t run away from you quickly enough) but be warned that this often means answering a question with yet more questions. Why? “Well”, as a famously wise Rabbi once responded, “why not?”

My claim to fame is having a last name that sounds like a designer brand and I am proud to be the only plane-spotting Rabbi in the North East. This is really much more cool and exciting than you might otherwise think...

 Chris _millionChris Million
Associate Chaplain for Coach Lane

Before coming to Northumbria to work as a Senior Lecturer in Education, I was a Primary and Special School Head Teacher for many years.  The student experience of higher education is my main driver and I feel that I have a privileged position to work with the students as an Associate Lecturer here at the Coach Lane Campus.

I became a Christian many years ago and this has been the driving force of my life ever since.  I belong to a free church in Northumberland and my life has been adventurous to say the least;  I feel that this greatly benefits my role as an Associate Chaplain. I find that students are more than willing to talk with me about what concerns them most, whether it is a matter of faith, pastoral care or indeed an issue of the moment that concerns them.

I have many interests, not least playing the piano and the arts in general, and feel that I enjoy life to the full. Please never hesitate to get in contact with me, as I am very happy to support you and talk things through in any way.

Pauline _pearsonPauline Pearson
Associate Chaplain for Coach Lane

My first link with what is now Northumbria University was in 1973, when I came to Newcastle Polytechnic to study on a preregistration nursing degree programme (the third or fourth such in the UK).  After working in A&E for a year, I trained as a health visitor (also here) and worked in Newcastle for 16 years before becoming an academic. I came back to this University in 2010.

Most of my ‘day job’ is about doing and co-ordinating research about health and social care. I am Research and Innovation Lead for the Department of Healthcare, in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, based at Coach Lane Campus. My research looks at new ways of doing things in practice, and the experiences of staff and service users. Much of the research I do involves work with older people, with families and communities and in mental health. I also teach on some of our Masters programmes and help in selecting students for the adult nursing degree.

I have always been actively involved with church and in trying to apply my faith in my work. Back in the 1980’s I was involved in working as part of a community health development project – the Riverside Project - and was asked to give evidence to the ‘Faith in the City’ Report.  In 2005 I was ordained as a Church of England minister, and in my spare time have served in Denton (in the west end of Newcastle) and now in Jesmond – where I am Associate Priest at St George’s and St Hilda’s. I think that it is important for people of faith to look at how that faith makes a difference in their day to day life.

Whoever you are, staff or student, person of faith or not, I look forward to meeting you.

image of Sarah MillicanSarah Millican Jones

Gateshead Chaplain

I'm a Curate at Alive Church in Gateshead. I've lived in the North East for the last few years although I originally hail from Scotland. I currently call Gateshead home alongside my husband Alexander. I grew up in Edinburgh and studied my undergraduate at the University of St Andrews. I spent a couple of years in the South West of England before training for ministry in Durham. I love long walks, particularly on Northumberland beaches, a great coffee shop and a good book.

I love meeting up with people for coffee and chatting about life, faith and meaning. If you're interested in chatting more do get in touch.

Humanist Chaplain ValValerie Blackett

As the University’s Humanist Chaplain, I provide specific support for humanists, atheists and secularists, am a member of the Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network of Humanists UK, have links with local humanist groups, and provide a confidential, listening ear for students and staff who wish to discuss issues with someone in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

I was born and raised in the north-east but, after reading English at university in Yorkshire and working in local government IT in Sunderland, I lived away for many years, working in universities in Yorkshire and the East Midlands, managing change programmes related to the information side of IT.  On retiring, I chose to return to the north-east and take on various people-focused voluntary activities including working with the primary school which raised my family’s hopes for my future education, with the elderly, and with asylum-seekers and refugees.

Having worked on those change programmes in higher education, I have a good understanding of how universities work and love the community ethos they manage to engender in students and staff.  I also have a fairly broad knowledge of religions, despite my atheism, and am keen for the faithful and the faithless to gain a better understanding of what beliefs we share and how we can work together for the common good.   

Please contact me if you wish to find out more about humanism, or if you would like to talk to someone who isn’t religious about your fears, hopes, anguish, questions of meaning and purpose, or sense of loss and bereavement, or simply if you would like to talk to a friendly face away from home.

Phillip _ballardPhillip Ballard
Associate Chaplain for International Students

Tel: 0191 212 5121

Although born in London I have lived in Newcastle for most of my life. It is a wonderful place to live and work.

I worked as a solicitor in Newcastle for 30 years before retiring in 2010. I now run cafes for international students in Newcastle. The Globe cafes, which have been running for over 16 years, intend to offer a welcoming and safe meeting place for international students studying in Newcastle.

The cafe meets every Monday night from 7.30 to 10.00pm. We provide a meal for those who want to eat and a variety of activities from 'desserts from around the world' to 'line dancing'. We offer students an opportunity to meet British people, learn about our culture and practice their English.

I look forward to meeting you in Newcastle.


Shahjalal Choudhury, Muslim Chaplain

I was born in the town of Keighly, West Yorkshire but have lived in Newcastle since I was four years old. Despite my place of birth, I consider myself a true Geordie (raised and bred)!I grew up as a Muslim and was inspired by my late father to become an Imaam and Khateeb (one who delivers the sermons) and give back to the community and wider society. Growing up as a British Muslim taught me that mutual respect, peace and tolerance is practicable and possible.

I memorised the Holy Qur'aan by the age of sixteen and graduated with a BA degree in Islamic Theology and Arabic Language.

I lead, and have led, the local Ramadan Taraweeh prayers for the last decade. I have also led the prayers and delivered sermons during Ramadan in other countries including Germany, Portugal, Canada and Norway. 

I have experience, locally and abroad, working with mixed faith groups and am always open to questions. One of my aims in life is to prove to people that we can all co-exist and live together despite our faiths and beliefs. We just need to communicate.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me - It doesn't have to be about Islam! If I can help you in any way, I will try my utmost best to do so.

Until then, 'Gan canny!'


J-singhJaswinder Singh

Sat Nam! My journey began on the most amazing month of the year (July!!) in Slough. Then at the age of 6 I moved to Geordie land, I absolutely love the North East - it’s aptly named God’s country.

I was born into a Punjabi-cultured family who got the chance to experience the best of both worlds (East and West). I grew up working in the family business of real estate, alongside managing retail stores across the Tyne and Wear region.  I gained many skills such as managing and organising, but for me, the most important skill I learnt was connecting with the human race. As I would meet customers and people first hand I realised I could connect with people through listening and understanding.  There was a sudden realisation that there is a longing from so many people to be loved and treated with compassion and respect.

Today I am fortunate to be able to serve many people and organisations that are brought my way in the UK and abroad. I have been lucky to have the resources and means to help set up projects to educate and create awareness about the Sikh way of life. 

If there is any way I can be of service to you whether it be just to have someone to talk to then please get in touch. 

It really is a privilege to be part of the chaplaincy team in this vibrant university!



Grant _wilsonGrant Wilson
URC Chaplain

I am a minister of two churches in the East of Newcastle – St George's URC on Newton Road in High Heaton, and St Cuthbert's on Heaton Road. I came into ministry late in life – my past experience includes a degree in physiotherapy from Northumbria University. I was surprised to find myself back in this part of Newcastle so soon, but I enjoy living and serving God here, and getting alongside people who love doing likewise. I love engaging with our local community through work with organisations like Junction42, MakeLunch, ChangingLives, and Daft As A Brush. You will also find me out in Newcastle city centre with Street Pastors, making contact with rough sleepers and helping clubbers get home safely.


Duncan Moore
Baptist Chaplain

I studied Engineering and Management and I’ve been around Northumbria University forever! I’m also the Team leader of Durham Road Baptist Church in Gateshead. I’m married to Ruth and have a young son, Aidan. In my spare time I love people, photography, I swim, play guitar, read and write.

The chaplains are here for everyone whatever they believe. If you’re working through stuff I can listen confidentially. If you’re thinking about meaning, purpose, direction, spirituality or God I can help you reflect on that. If you have a faith that you want to develop I can help you connect with others to do that. If you’d like to meet up I’d love to meet you. 

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