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Prayer Rooms

Northumbria University is committed to the promotion of Equality and Diversity and recognises that  for many of our staff and students, faith is an integral part of their University experience.  We have in place a range of facilities and protocols to ensure that work and study can be effectively balanced with the requirements of religious observance.


At Northumbria we have a range of physical and dedicated facilities to support prayer and collective worship whilst acknowledging that some individual prayer does not require physical space for collective activity.  We provide a range of facilities across our campuses including:

  • Spiritual Commons Rooms are located at our Newcastle City Campus in Student Central. The Spiritual Commons rooms are for usage by people of different faiths and life stances and can be used for general meetings, prayer, worship and meditation.

  • Coach Lane Campus Quiet Room is set aside for prayer, meditation and reading for students (and staff) of all faiths and life stances. 

  • The Prayer Room at London Campus is set aside for prayer, meditation and reading and is located on the lower ground floor of London Campus in the Student Hub area.

  • The Muslim Prayer Facility at Newcastle City Campus has wudhu and prayer spaces for men and women. It is available to staff and students of the University and is open 24 hours a day (excluding bank holidays) for daily prayers and prayer-based group activity. For current students and staff who wish to gain access to the Muslim Prayer Facility please complete this short form on the Student Portal.

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