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Clearing 2021 FAQS

Information and Advice following the global coronavirus outbreak

If you are considering clearing, we know you may have some questions. Please explore some of the FAQS below.

For more general information relating to COVID-19 please visit


What are Centre Assessment Grades (CAGs) ?

Centre Assessment Grades are the grades that your teacher awarded you as your most likely outcome had you sat your assessments.

These differ from predicted grades provided on your UCAS form and mock grades from any assessments you have done at your school or college.


How does the university get my CAGS?

Northumbria received your CAGs from UCAS on Thursday. You do not need to provide us with this information.

What if my CAGS are lower than my final grade - will I lose my place?

No, if any of your CAGs are lower than the final mark you received any confirmation offer of a place will not be affected and we will use the higher grade.

I am firm at Northumbria but my course was changed to a different degree or a Foundation Year. Will this change back to my original course?

Nothing will be automatically reset at UCAS. If your CAGs are high enough to meet your conditional offer confirmed to you via UCAS, then we will contact you to discuss your options, or you can call us on our hotline number.

I was rejected by Northumbria - will my offer be reinstated?

Nothing will be automatically reset at UCAS. If your CAGs are high enough to meet your original offer and you would like to study at Northumbria, you should contact us via the Hotline to discuss your options.

I am now firm with my insurance how do I come back to Northumbria?

Nothing will be automatically reset at UCAS. If your CAGs are high enough to meet your original offer and you are still interested in studying at Northumbria, then you should contact us via the Hotline to discuss your options. If we confirm that we have a place for you at Northumbria then you will be able to decline any place you are holding elsewhere on UCAS track and refer yourself to Northumbria via clearing. You should make sure that Northumbria have confirmed in writing that you have been reaccepted on your programme before you decline your place at your insurance institution.

I do not want my offer to change I am happy with the course I was offered in clearing/ at confirmation.

If you are happy with this course choice you do not have to change back to your original choice just because you have your CAGs. We will be happy to honour any alternative offer made at confirmation or clearing.

I have a place at Northumbria but have been reaccepted by my original institution choice what do I do?

You will need to follow any advice provided by the other institution but it is likely you will need to decline your place at Northumbria on UCAS track. Before you do this, you must speak to the other institution and ensure that you have a confirmed offer in writing from them. Should you release yourself from Northumbria and find that you do not have a confirmed place elsewhere we may be unable to reinstate your offer for Northumbria at a later date.

I am Unconditional Firm at Northumbria on my original choice. Do I still need to send you my CAGs?

If you are already confirmed on your firm course choice you do not need to do anything further. We look forward to seeing you in September.


Is there an appeal process as I am unhappy with my grades?

If you feel that there has been an error in the calculation of your centre assessed grades, and you wish to appeal the grades you have been awarded from your School/College, you need to contact your school/college.

I have not met the conditions of my firm choice at Northumbria, is there another option?

If you have not met the conditions of your firm choice at Northumbria we may offer you the option of a four year route which would be your original course plus a one year preparatory foundation year.

Where can I get more information and help?

For further information about the process of awarding qualifications this summer, including a helpline for advice and guidance, please view the government advice here:




I am planning to resit my A levels, will that impact my application to Northumbria?

If you are resitting your A Levels, there is a full autumn exam series which you can access via your school, college or exam centre. For further information about the autumn exams, including a helpline for advice and guidance, please view the government advice here.

If you decide to sit an exam in the autumn and receive grades that meets your Northumbria offer for September 2020, we cannot accept you for study during the 2020/21 academic year. This is because we do not have January starts available for the majority of Undergraduate programmes.

Please note : If you have a conditional offer, you would need to reapply for Northumbria in the next application cycle.


Can I defer my place for 2021/22?

All requests are considered individually, and a deferral cannot be guaranteed, but we will (as always) aim to protect and champion student choice.

For any prospective Undergraduate students who are considering deferring in 2020, we will ask you to complete a short form here to provide us with a little more detail concerning your deferral request.

All requests will be considered and any candidates we are able to support in deferring will be informed by Friday 28th August. If we are unable to defer your place, you will be able to apply again to Northumbria in the 2020/21 application cycle. Please note we are only able to consider deferral requests from candidates who have met the terms of their offer and are unconditional.


How will I update Student Finance of my change of course?

If your course and/or university will be different from those you entered to your application for student finance, you should update your online student finance account at preferably as soon as you accept a different Offer and before you start your course.

See the “make changes to your application” function at your student-finance account. Alternatively, phone your funding provider to discuss, if there is a problem.  

EU students, i.e. eligible only for a Tuition Fee Loan, must notify SLC EU team via the change of circumstances form EUCO1.               

What do I need to do to apply for finance?

For more information please visit:

What if I change my course at the same university?

Once you have enrolled from September 2020 the university will update the Student Loan Company (SLC) with correct course information where the course for which you are registered is different from that which your student funding has been assessed for.

However, we can only do this where your student funding has been linked to another course at Northumbria!

When you register as a student with Northumbria it is important you add your Student Loan Company Student Support Number (SSN) at the “enrolment task”, this is a 13-figure reference, e.g. SFDU20123456A and can be found on the payments page of your student funding award notification letter.

What if I plan to attend a different university?

If you had already applied for your student funding but will change university through clearing, change your student finance application as described above. 

If you do not, or cannot, Northumbria will be required to create a “transfer-in” Change of Circumstances to correct your Student Loan Co. (SLC) record. It is important that you notify us via the enrolment-task that a “transfer-in change of circumstances” can be sent to SLC. This can be done via your Northumbria Student-portal.     

If you have changed university but your student funding has not yet been reassessed to recognise that, your first-term payment date from SLC will be much later than on your existing award notification letter.   

You can change your correspondence address to your main home address however most Student Finance England (SFE) correspondence you receive will also be available at your SFE online account. Online letters are also available for applicants with SFWales and SFNorthern IreIand.



I am on the waiting list for accommodation. When will I be allocated a room?

The team will start allocating rooms from 8am on Thursday 13th August and hope to get offers out as soon as possible. Don’t worry we guarantee accommodation for everybody so an offer will be sent out.


I have been offered a course at Northumbria but I would like to come and view the accommodation. Is this possible?

Firstly please have a look at the information, photographs and videos that we have online. If you would still like to visit, please call us on 0191 227 4201 to arrange a viewing.

I have been offered a Foundation course, will I need to re-apply for my accommodation?

No, your booking should still be on your account however if you get an email to say that your booking has been released, please get in touch with us straight away on 0191 227 4201

I want to confirm my accommodation, how can I do this?

If you have been sent an offer you can complete your booking online via your student portal under the accommodation section. If you are currently on the waiting list the accommodation teams will be sending out offers from 8am on Thursday 13th August.

Is a deposit still required?

Yes, we still require a £250 deposit.

Will my change of course affect my accommodation?

No but if you get an email from the accommodation team to say differently please give them a call on 0191 227 4201 straight away.

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