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Clearing Self Apply


Our online Clearing Enquiry Form* is now available.   


*Please note that we may consider applicants with up to 8-16 points tariff points less than our advertised Clearing grades in certain circumstances for some degree programmes. This will depend on the course applied for, your qualification profile and any other relevant information. This does not apply to foundation programmes. Please complete the self apply form and we will contact you with an update or to discuss your individual circumstances.


The Clearing Enquiry Form should only be completed if you already have completed your qualifications and are in receipt of your results. 

If you do not yet have your qualifications, or are waiting for your results to be confirmed, please ring our Clearing hotline on  0800 085 1085  for further advice. 

Courses should be researched thoroughly, and you should ensure that you have all your qualifications to hand BEFORE starting the Clearing Enquiry Form. 


Please read the guidance below, before submitting your form. 

Personal Details 

  • The form must be completed accurately and contain all the information regarding your personal details, qualifications, course choice and answers to the additional questions. 
  • You must ensure that your EMAIL ADDRESS and CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER are accurate as we will use this information as the primary methods of communicating with you. 

Qualification Information  

If you can't find your relevant qualification on the list, please select 'Other' and provide further information in the 'Note' field. Some of the most common qualifications, include the following, they can be found using the short code:  

  • GAL - A Level 
  • GASL - AS Level 
  • EP - Extended Project 
  • BTEC EX DIP - BTEC Extended Diploma 

Selecting Courses 

  • You can search for courses either by UCAS code or by the course title - for example - English Literature can be found by searching either 'Q320' or 'English'. 
  • Once you have selected your chosen course, you can double check the entry requirements using the '+' under the course title in the viewing pane. 
  • You must tick 'Select' and then confirm your course selection by clicking on the 'Selected Courses' button.  
  • Please take notice if the course you have chosen requires a portfolio, audition, or interview. If your enquiry is successful, you will need to provide information or attend a Skype interview as part of the full selection process. 

Please check your information carefully before submitting your form. You will receive a pop-up message upon successful submission of your Clearing Enquiry. 

What happens next? 

You will receive an email confirming submission containing your Northumbria University Clearing Number and contact details, should you have any questions. A member of the Applicant Services Team will be in touch with you once you have submitted your enquiry. 

Please do not submit multiple clearing enquiries.  

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