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Although I have made contributions to the business and economic history of Latin America (mainly Mexico) and Spain as well as accounting history, my main area of work has been the impact of computer technology on retail banking. This has included touching on contemporary issues around the cashless economy, retail payments, globalization and international trade. Currently I am looking at the emergence of FinTech as a global phenomenon.

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  • Does Board Diversity Mitigate Risk? The Effect of Homophily and Social Ties on Risk-Taking in Financial Institutions, Alzayed, N., Batiz-Lazo, B., Eskandari, R. 12 Mar 2024, In: Research in International Business and Finance
  • Gender and Bankarization in Spain, 1949-1970, Martínez-Rodríguez, S., Batiz-Lazo, B. 30 Nov 2023, In: Business History
  • M-Pesa and the Role of the Entrepreneurial State in a Cashless Technology to Deliver an Inclusive Financial Sector, Rouse, M., Batiz-Lazo, B., Carbó-Valverde, S. 6 Jul 2023, In: Essays in Economic & Business History
  • The Journey of a Remittance in the US-Mexico Corridor: From My Salary to My Family, Batiz-Lazo, B., Ignacio, G. Jan 2023, CBDC: Expanding Financial Inclusion or Deepening the Divide?, Cambridge, US, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Local Adaptation of Work Practices: The Case of BancoEstado’s “CajaVecina” Correspondent Banking System, Espinosa-Cristia, J., Alarcón, J., Batiz-Lazo, B. Apr 2022, In: SAGE Open
  • Start-ups, gender disparities, and the Fintech revolution in Latin America, Batiz-Lazo, B., Ignacio, G. 23 Jun 2022, The Emerald Handbook of Entrepreneurship in Latin America, Bingley, Emerald
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  • Andrea Lluch, Martín Monsalve-Zanatti, Marcelo Bucheli (eds). Historia Empresarial en América Latina: Temas, Debates y Problemas. Bogotá y Lima: Universidad de los Andes & Universidad del Pacífico, 2021. v + 191 pp. ISBN-978-658-774-982-3, Batiz-Lazo, B. 1 Nov 2021, In: Journal of Latin American Studies
  • La transformación en el uso de efectivo y pagos digitales durante la pandemia de Covid-19, Batiz-Lazo, B., Manuel A., B., Ignacio, G. Dec 2021, In: Papeles de Economía Española

  • Martin Ogbeiwi Technology Sensemaking and the Social Shaping of Fintech in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Nigeria Start Date: 01/10/2022
  • Thomas Fischer Developing organisational processes, strategies and context: the case of Deutsche Postbank AG Start Date: 01/11/2020

  • Not Specified PhD November 17 1998
  • Fellow (FHEA) Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2020

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