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Chris studies Antarctic ocean ice-shelf interactions using numerical models as a tool to improve our understanding of observed or modelled phenomena. Chris is working with Prof Adrian Jenkins in the European Horizon 2020 research project TiPACCs. The overall aim of TiPACCs is to assess the likelihood of large and abrupt near-future changes in the contribution of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to global sea level, caused by tipping points in the Antarctic continental shelf seas and the Antarctic Ice Sheet. We are interested in improving our understanding of the dynamics associated with an ‘Ocean Tipping Point’ or the possibility of the Antarctic continental shelf seas changing from cold to warm states.


Chris’ PhD at UNSW (Australia) focused on how Australia’s boundary currents are connected, under what mechanisms/timescales they vary and how their circulation could be explained in the future.

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
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Currently supervising Jing Jin: "The Response of Amery Ice Shelf to Ocean Variability". Affiliation: School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol.

I am interested in supervising students on interesting puzzles using ocean models as a heuristic for us to learn more about ocean dynamics and ocean ice-shelf interactions. Examples include:

  • Local versus remote drivers in Weddell Sea ice-shelf melt rates;
  • Rapid local wind drivers of the East Australian Current extension.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

Marine Biology PhD August 31 2018

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