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Dr Genavee Brown


Department: Psychology

I study the benefits and risks of technology for relationships from a social psychology persepctive. I am interested in examining the types of relationships that people maintain online and how they use tools, like social media, to help them communicate with friends and family. More specifically, I have looked at how mobile phones can distract from friendship interactions. I have also examined how university students use Facebook to maintain and develop friendships during the transition to university. 

I am currently working on projects related to Instagram and emoticon usage in different cultures, LGBT relationships online, and the effects of social identity threat on cognitive processes. 

My future research projects will center on self-disclosure to large audiences and how this promotes feelings of power and anti-social behavior online. I will also continue my research on how cell phones can be so distracting during our face-to-face interactions and why we're so tempted to use them even when we know that they detract from our romantic and friendship interactions. 

Genavee Brown

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Staying connected during stay‐at‐home: Communication with family and friends and its association with well‐being, Brown, G., Greenfield, P. Jan 2021, In: Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies
  • Adolescents’ daily face-to-face and computer-mediated communication: Associations with autonomy and closeness to parents and friends, Manago, A., Brown, G., Lawley, K., Anderson, G. Jan 2020, In: Developmental Psychology
  • Cultural Diversity in Couples and Collective Performance: Using a Culture-Based Memory Game to Measure Transactive Memory, Delamarre-Allaoui, H., Michinov, N., Brown, G. 1 Aug 2020, In: Psychological Reports
  • Looking out for myself: Exploring the relationship between conspiracy mentality, perceived personal risk, and COVID-19 prevention measures, Marinthe, G., Brown, G., Delouvée, S., Jolley, D. 1 Nov 2020, In: British Journal of Health Psychology
  • Intellectual functioning in Silver-Russell syndrome: First study in adults, Burgevin, M., Lacroix, A., Brown, G., Mikaty, M., Coutinho, V., Netchine, I., Odent, S. 8 Aug 2019, In: Applied neuropsychology. Adult
  • Measuring latent ties on Facebook: A novel approach to studying their prevalence and relationship with bridging social capital, Brown, G., Michinov, N. Nov 2019, In: Technology in Society
  • Cultural differences in garnering social capital on Facebook: French people prefer close ties and Americans prefer distant ties, Brown, G., Michinov, N. 2 Nov 2017, In: Journal of Intercultural Communication Research
  • Private message me s’il vous plait: Preferences for personal and masspersonal communications on Facebook among American and French students, Brown, G., Michinov, N., Manago, A. 1 May 2017, In: Computers in Human Behavior
  • Tempted to text: College students’ mobile phone use during a face-to-face interaction with a close friend, Brown, G., Manago, A., Trimble, J. 1 Dec 2016, In: Emerging Adulthood


  • Psychology PhD June 04 2018
  • Psychology MRes July 01 2014
  • Psychology BA (Hons) May 10 2010

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