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Dr Sammie Buzzard

Assistant Professor

Department: Geography and Environmental Sciences

Sammie Buzzard

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  • Firn on ice sheets, Amory, C., Buizert, C., Buzzard, S., Case, E., Clerx, N., Culberg, R., Datta, R., Dey, R., Drews, R., Dunmire, D., Eayrs, C., Hansen, N., Humbert, A., Kaitheri, A., Keegan, K., Kuipers Munneke, P., Lenaerts, J., Lhermitte, S., Mair, D., McDowell, I., Mejia, J., Meyer, C., Morris, E., Moser, D., Oraschewski, F., Pearce, E., de Roda Husman, S., Schlegel, N., Schultz, T., Simonsen, S., Stevens, C., Thomas, E., Thompson-Munson, M., Wever, N., Wouters, B. 23 Jan 2024, In: Nature Reviews Earth & Environment
  • Short- and long-term variability of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, Hanna, E., Topál, D., Box, J., Buzzard, S., Christie, F., Hvidberg, C., Morlighem, M., De Santis, L., Silvano, A., Colleoni, F., Sasgen, I., Banwell, A., van den Broeke, M., DeConto, R., De Rydt, J., Goelzer, H., Gossart, A., Gudmundsson, G., Lindbäck, K., Miles, B., Mottram, R., Pattyn, F., Reese, R., Rignot, E., Srivastava, A., Sun, S., Toller, J., Tuckett, P., Ultee, L. 8 Feb 2024, In: Nature Reviews Earth & Environment
  • The Bristol CMIP6 Data Hackathon, Mitchell, D., Stone, E., Andrews, O., Bamber, J., Bingham, R., Browse, J., Henry, M., Macleod, D., Morten, J., Sauter, C., Smith, C., Thomas, J., Thomson, S., Wilson, J., Buzzard, S. 1 Jun 2022, In: Weather
  • The surface hydrology of Antarctica’s floating ice, Buzzard, S. 1 Jan 2022, In: Physics Today
  • The Transient Sea Level Response to External Forcing in CMIP6 Models, Grinsted, A., Bamber, J., Bingham, R., Buzzard, S., Nias, I., Ng, K., Weeks, J. 1 Oct 2022, In: Earth's Future
  • Altimetry for the future: Building on 25 years of progress, Abdalla, S., Abdeh Kolahchi, A., Ablain, M., Adusumilli, S., Aich Bhowmick, S., Alou-Font, E., Amarouche, L., Andersen, O., Antich, H., Aouf, L., Arbic, B., Armitage, T., Arnault, S., Artana, C., Aulicino, G., Ayoub, N., Badulin, S., Baker, S., Banks, C., Bao, L., Barbetta, S., Barceló-Llull, B., Barlier, F., Basu, S., Bauer-Gottwein, P., Becker, M., Beckley, B., Bellefond, N., Belonenko, T., Benkiran, M., Benkouider, T., Bennartz, R., Benveniste, J., Bercher, N., Berge-Nguyen, M., Bettencourt, J., Blarel, F., Blazquez, A., Blumstein, D., Bonnefond, P., Borde, F., Bouffard, J., Boy, F., Boy, J., Brachet, C., Brasseur, P., Braun, A., Brocca, L., Otosaka, I., Shepherd, A., Buzzard, S. 15 Jul 2021, In: Advances in Space Research
  • A Lagrangian Snow Evolution System for Sea Ice Applications (SnowModel‐LG): Part II—Analyses, Stroeve, J., Liston, G., Buzzard, S., Zhou, L., Mallett, R., Barrett, A., Tschudi, M., Tsamados, M., Itkin, P., Stewart, J. 1 Oct 2020, In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
  • A Mathematical Model of Melt Lake Development on an Ice Shelf, Buzzard, S., Feltham, D., Flocco, D. 1 Feb 2018, In: Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems
  • Arctic collaboration transcends political tensions, Buzzard, S., Cook, J., Maslakov, A. 7 Jun 2018, In: Nature
  • Modelling the fate of surface melt on the Larsen C Ice Shelf, Buzzard, S., Feltham, D., Flocco, D. 19 Nov 2018, In: The Cryosphere

  • PhD December 07 2017
  • Fellow Advance HE FHEA

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