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  • Correlating Molecular Precursor Interactions with Device Performance in Solution-Processed Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Thin-Film Solar Cells, Agbenyeke, R., Sheppard, A., Keynon, J., Benhaddou, N., Fleck, N., Corsetti, V., Alkhalifah, M., Tiwari, D., Bowers, J., Fermin, D. 27 Jun 2024, In: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
  • Crystalline Antimony Selenide Thin Films for Optoelectronics through Photonic Curing, Wijesinghe, U., Tetlow, W., Maiello, P., Fleck, N., O'Dowd, G., Beattie, N., Longo, G., Hutter, O. 25 Jun 2024, In: Chemistry of Materials
  • Effect of metal dopants on the electrochromic performance of hydrothermally-prepared tungsten oxide materials, Thummavichai, K., Nguyen, T., Longo, G., Qiang, D., Zoppi, G., Schlettwein, D., Maiello, P., Fleck, N., Wang, N., Zhu, Y. 19 Dec 2023, In: RSC Advances
  • Multi-Phase Sputtered TiO2-Induced Current–Voltage Distortion in Sb2Se3 Solar Cells, Don, C., Shalvey, T., Smiles, M., Thomas, L., Phillips, L., Hobson, T., Finch, H., Jones, L., Swallow, J., Fleck, N., Markwell, C., Thakur, P., Lee, T., Biswas, D., Bowen, L., Williamson, B., Scanlon, D., Dhanak, V., Durose, K., Veal, T., Major, J. 17 Jul 2023, In: Advanced Materials Interfaces

Applied Physics BSc November 02 2016

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