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  • A framework for salvaging megaprojects in Africa based on a case study of a refinery and petrochemical complex project, Okenyi, V., Gbadamosi, A., Olawale, O., Alawode, K., Labo-Popoola, A. 1 Jul 2023, In: Scientific African
  • Adoption of Offsite Manufacturing in the Housing Sector: Challenges, Benefits, and Future Opportunities, Unthela, P., Gbadamosi, A., Mahamadu, A., Oluwayemi, B. 14 Apr 2022, 2022 International Conference for Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society (SEEDS)
  • A scalable deep learning system for monitoring and forecasting pollutant concentration levels on UK highways, Akinosho, T., Oyedele, L., Bilal, M., Barrera-Animas, A., Gbadamosi, A., Olawale, O. 1 Jul 2022, In: Ecological Informatics
  • Design for Sustainability: An approach based on the integration of BIM and Building Performance Analysis, Malleshappa, G., Gbadamosi, A., Qian, Z., Feng, H., Oluwayemi, B. 1 Sep 2022, The Eighth International SEEDS Conference 2022
  • Enabling Quality in Lean Construction: Integrating the Principles of Total Quality Management with 9D-BIM, Jaiswal, S., Gbadamosi, A., Olawale, O., Oluwayemi, B. 1 Sep 2022, The Eighth International SEEDS Conference 2022
  • Project reputation in construction: a process-based perspective of construction practitioners in the UK, Olawale, O., Oyedele, L., Owolabi, H., Gbadamosi, A., Kusimo, H. 10 Sep 2022, In: International Journal of Construction Management
  • IoT for predictive assets monitoring and maintenance: An implementation strategy for the UK rail industry, Gbadamosi, ., Oyedele, L., Delgado, J., Kusimo, H., Akanbi, L., Olawale, O., Muhammed-yakubu, N. 1 Feb 2021, In: Automation in Construction
  • Opportunities for Improving Construction Health and Safety: Role of Digitisation, Gbadamosi, A., Labo-Popoola, A., Adebayo, M., Mahamadu, A., Adinyira, E. 16 Dec 2021, The Construction Industry: Global Trends, Job Burnout and Safety Issues, New York, Nova Science Publishers
  • Big data for Design Options Repository: Towards a DFMA approach for offsite construction, Gbadamosi, A., Oyedele, L., Mahamadu, A., Kusimo, H., Bilal, M., Davila Delgado, J., Muhammed-Yakubu, N. 1 Dec 2020, In: Automation in Construction
  • BIM competencies for delivering waste-efficient building projects in a circular economy, Ganiyu, S., Oyedele, L., Akinade, O., Owolabi, H., Akanbi, L., Gbadamosi, A. 3 Dec 2020, In: Developments in the Built Environment

Construction Managment MSc February 22 2018

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