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Prof Zhanhu Guo


Department: Mechanical and Construction Engineering

Zhanhu Guo

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  • Lightweight waterproof magnetic carbon foam for multifunctional electromagnetic wave absorbing material, Wang, D., Jin, J., Guo, Y., Liu, H., Guo, Z., Liu, C., Shen, C. 15 Jan 2023, In: Carbon
  • Mechanically-Robust Electrospun Nanocomposite Fiber Membranes for Oil and Water Separation, Nueraji, M., Toktarbay, Z., Ardakkyzy, A., Sridhar, D., Algadi, H., Xu, B., Althakafy, J., Alanazi, A., Abo-Dief, H., Adilov, S., Guo, Z. 6 Jan 2023, In: Environmental Research
  • Progress of layered double hydroxides-based materials for supercapacitors, Li, X., Ren, J., Sridhar, D., Xu, B., Algadi, H., El-Bahy, Z., Ma, Y., Li, T., Guo, Z. 20 Jan 2023, In: Materials Chemistry Frontiers
  • Progress of metal organic frameworks-based composites in electromagnetic wave absorption, Feng, S., Zhai, F., Su, H., Sridhar, D., Algadi, H., Xu, B., Pashameah, R., Alzahrani, E., Abo-Dief, H., Ma, Y., Li, T., Guo, Z. 1 Jan 2023, In: Materials Today Physics
  • Composite film with adjustable number of layers for slow release of humic acid and soil remediation, Wang, W., Shi, J., Qu, K., Zhang, X., Jiang, W., Huang, Z., Guo, Z. 7 Dec 2022, In: Environmental Research
  • Electric Vehicle Revolution and Implications: Ion Battery and Energy, Qiu, W., Hao, Q., Annamareddy, S., Xu, B., Guo, Z., Jiang, Q. 1 Dec 2022, In: Engineered Science
  • Morphology controllable urchin-shaped bimetallic nickel-cobalt oxide/carbon composites with enhanced electromagnetic wave absorption performance, Li, F., Li, Q., Kimura, H., Xie, X., Zhang, X., Wu, N., Sun, X., Xu, B., Algadi, H., Pashameah, R., Alanazi, A., Alzahrani, E., Li, H., Du, W., Guo, Z., Hou, C. 29 Dec 2022, In: Journal of Materials Science and Technology
  • Rapid and facile fabrication of hierarchically porous graphene aerogel for oil-water separation and piezoresistive sensing applications, Mu, Y., Wang, L., Zhang, R., Pashameah, R., Alzahrani, E., Li, Z., Alanazi, A., Algadi, H., Huang, M., Guo, Z., Wan, T., Wei, H. 7 Dec 2022, In: Applied Surface Science
  • Supramolecular self-assembly synthesis of hemoglobin-like amorphous CoP@N, P-doped carbon composites enable ultralong stable cycling under high-current density for lithium-ion battery anodes, Mu, Q., Liu, R., Kimura, H., Li, J., Jiang, H., Zhang, X., Yu, Z., Sun, X., Algadi, H., Guo, Z., Du, W., Hou, C. 26 Dec 2022, In: Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials

Chemical Engineering PhD September 01 1999

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