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  • Inverting the ‘black box’ of technology: the Digital Ghost Hunt, Westling, C., Hall, E., Krell, M. 2 Oct 2021, In: International Journal of Creative Media Research
  • Reimagining heritage buildings as technological spaces, Westling, C., Hall, E., Krell, M. 5 Jan 2021, AMPS Proceedings Series 20.2, Architecture Media Politics Society
  • (Un)certain ghosts: rephotography and historical images, Krell, M. 8 Oct 2019, Hands on History, Abingdon-on-Thames, Routledge
  • The Digital Ghost Hunt, Hall, E., Krell, M., Westling, C. 1 Jan 2018
  • Just can’t get GNUF: tensions, affinities and portable communities in an independent festival, Krell, M. 26 May 2017, CHIME Conference, Music, Festivals, Heritage

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