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Key Publications

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  • Spectrogram based multi-task audio classification, Zeng, Y., Mao, H., Peng, D., Yi, Z. Feb 2019, In: Multimedia Tools and Applications
  • Audio classification using attention-augmented convolutional neural network, Wu, Y., Mao, H., Yi, Z. 1 Dec 2018, In: Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Symmetric low-rank preserving projections for subspace learning, Chen, J., Mao, H., Zhang, H., Yi, Z. 13 Nov 2018, In: Neurocomputing
  • Cell mitosis detection using deep neural networks, Zhou, Y., Mao, H., Yi, Z. 1 Dec 2017, In: Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Cell tracking using deep neural networks with multi-task learning, He, T., Mao, H., Guo, J., Yi, Z. Apr 2017, In: Image and Vision Computing
  • Explicit guiding auto-encoders for learning meaningful representation, Sun, Y., Mao, H., Sang, Y., Yi, Z. Mar 2017, In: Neural Computing and Applications
  • Moving object recognition using multi-view three-dimensional convolutional neural networks, He, T., Mao, H., Yi, Z. Dec 2017, In: Neural Computing and Applications
  • Parameter as a Switch Between Dynamical States of a Network in Population Decoding, Yu, J., Mao, H., Yi, Z. Apr 2017, In: IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
  • Protein secondary structure prediction by using deep learning method, Wang, Y., Mao, H., Yi, Z. 15 Feb 2017, In: Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Subspace clustering using a symmetric low-rank representation, Chen, J., Mao, H., Sang, Y., Yi, Z. 1 Jul 2017, In: Knowledge-Based Systems


Computing Science PhD June 30 2013

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