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Dr. Hua Mao has been an assistant professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Northumbria University since July 2019. Before that, she was with the School of Computer Science at Sichuan University, China. She worked as a Lecturer, followed by an Associate Professor from Jan. 2014 – Dec. 2018. Dr. Mao received her Ph.D. degree from Aalborg University, Denmark, in 2013. Her research interests include deep learning and AI. 

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  • Explainable Deep Semantic Segmentation for Flood Inundation Mapping with Class Activation Mapping Techniques, Sanderson, J., Mao, H., Tengtrairat, N., Al-Nima, R., Woo, W. 26 Feb 2024, Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence, Scitepress
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  • Deep Multiview Clustering by Contrasting Cluster Assignments, Chen, J., Mao, H., Woo, W., Peng, X. 21 Apr 2023
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  • Explainable AI Evaluation: A Top-Down Approach for Selecting Optimal Explanations for Black Box Models, Mirzaei, S., Mao, H., Al-Nima, R., Woo, W. 20 Dec 2023, In: Information
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  • Multiview Clustering by Consensus Spectral Rotation Fusion, Chen, J., Mao, H., Peng, D., Zhang, C., Peng, X. 15 Sep 2023, In: IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
  • Optimal Fusion of Multispectral Optical and SAR Images for Flood Inundation Mapping through Explainable Deep Learning: Information, Sanderson, J., Mao, H., Abdullah, M., Al-Nima, R., Woo, W. 14 Dec 2023, In: Information
  • Two-Stage Sparse Representation Clustering for Dynamic Data Streams, Chen, J., Wang, Z., Yang, S., Mao, H. 1 Oct 2023, In: IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics

Jacob Sanderson Explainable Artificial Intelligence: Improving AI Interpretability through Adaptive and Dynamic Explanations Start Date: 01/10/2023

Computing Science PhD June 30 2013

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