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  • Waste Not Want Not: Re-routing Garment and Textile Waste Streams to Create Circular Fashion Design Eco-systems in Bangladesh and Beyond, Peirson-Smith, A., Claxton, S. 6 Feb 2024, Recycling and Lifetime Management in the Textile and Fashion Sector, Boca Raton, US, CRC Press
  • Disrupting the fashion retail journey: social media and GenZ's fashion consumption, Siregar, Y., Kent, A., Peirson-Smith, A., Guan, C. 18 Jul 2023, In: International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management
  • Gentry-fying The Stylish Neighbourhood: An Examination of Retail Accommodation for the Asian Urban Male Consumer, Peirson-Smith, A., Craik, J. 15 Jul 2022, Fashionable Masculinities, New Brunswick. US, Rutgers University Press
  • Fashion archive fervour: The critical role of fashion archives in preserving, curating, and narrating fashion, Peirson-Smith, A., Peirson-Smith, B. 18 Jan 2021, In: Archives and Records: The Journal of the Archives and Records Association
  • Reaching for the Sun, Moon and Stars: Experiencing Fashion Retail in the Neighbourhood in Hong Kong, Peirson-Smith, A., Craik, J. 4 May 2021, In: Fashion Practice
  • Transforming Sustainable Fashion in a Decolonial Context: The Case of Redress in Hong Kong, Peirson-Smith, A., Craik, J. 1 Jun 2021, In: Fashion Theory - Journal of Dress Body and Culture

  • Annabel Lee Moving Pictures, Moving People: An Interdisciplinary Study on the Impact of Film and TV on Non-Binary Identity Formation Start Date: 01/10/2023
  • Jennifer Moore ‘How does garment cut influence the perception of attractiveness in the male somatotype? A comparative study of the focus of attraction on specific areas of the male body and its adaptation to inform garment cut in the UK.’ Start Date: 10/05/2023

PhD July 31 1995

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