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Contact Us - Clearing

Contact us through Clearing.

Here at Northumbria University, we pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive, friendly and supportive institution.

If you have a question about clearing or confirmation, we are here to help. We welcome all queries, no matter how big or small and would love to hear from you through one of the channels below. If it's important to you, then it's important to us too. So let's chat!
We're offering a wide range of ways for you to get in touch with us over the clearing & confirmation period, including our own clearing app. 
If you simply just want to get to know us better, you can check out our social media accounts, YouTube and student blog.


Chat / We'd love to hear from you

If you have a question, we can answer it.

Clearing / 2024

Contact us or get updates through our clearing app.


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