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Dr Andriy Myachykov

Associate Professor

Department: Psychology

Dr Andriy Myachykov received his PhD in Psychology from University of Glasgow in 2007. His research covers aspects of language comprehension and production, bilingualism, number processing, and embodied approaches to how we acquire, store, and access knowledge representations. Andriy is the Module Leader for the course “Cognitive Science and Neuropsychology” (PY0661). He also acts as Deputy Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange. Before Northumbria, Andriy worked at University of Edinburgh, University of Dundee, and University of Glasgow.

Andriy Myachykov

Campus Address

146 Northumberland building

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Eye Tracking Methods in Psycholinguistics and Parallel EEG Recording, Pokhoday, M., Bermudes-Margaretto, B., Shtyrov, Y., Myachykov, A. 1 Feb 2023, In: Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology
  • More is Better: English Language Statistics are Biased Toward Addition, Winter, B., Fischer, M., Scheepers, C., Myachykov, A. Apr 2023, In: Cognitive Science
  • Neurophysiological Correlates of the Automatic Processing of Null Morphemes: Event-Related Potential Data, Alekseeva, M., Myachykov, A., Shtyrov, Y. 31 Mar 2023, In: Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology
  • Stop-signal delay reflects response selection duration in stop-signal task, Aksiotis, V., Myachykov, A., Tumyalis, A. 1 Aug 2023, In: Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics
  • The Role of Bilingualism in the Formation of Neurocognitive Reserve, Malyshevskaya, A., Gallo, F., Efremov, A., Myachykov, A., Shtyrov, Y. 1 Feb 2023, In: Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation of the left middle frontal gyrus modulates the information people communicate in different social contexts, Martín-Luengo, B., Vorobiova, A., Feurra, M., Myachykov, A., Shtyrov, Y. 20 Jun 2023, In: Scientific Reports
  • Add Bilingualism to the Mix: L2 Proficiency Modulates the Effect of Cognitive Reserve Proxies on Executive Performance in Healthy Aging, Gallo, F., Kubiak, J., Myachykov, A. 31 Jan 2022, In: Frontiers in Psychology
  • An adaptive paradigm for detecting the individual duration of the preparatory period in the choice reaction time task, Soghoyan, G., Aksiotis, V., Rusinova, A., Myachykov, A., Tumyalis, A. 9 Sep 2022, In: PLoS One
  • Biliteracy and acquisition of novel written words: the impact of phonological conflict between L1 and L2 scripts, Bermúdez-Margaretto, B., Kopytin, G., Myachykov, A., Fu, Y., Pokhoday, M., Shtyrov, Y. 1 Apr 2022, In: Psychological Research
  • Corrigendum to “Handling two writing systems in the bilingual brain: ERP investigation” [Int. J. Psychophysiol. (2021) 168S S88–S88. doi:10.1016/j.ijpsycho.2021.07.273] (International Journal of Psychophysiology (2021) 168(S), (S016787602100221X)), Bermúdez-Margaretto, B., Kopytin, G., Myachykov, A., Shtyrov, Y. 1 Feb 2022, In: International Journal of Psychophysiology

  • Ashley Chapman Interactions Between Knowledge Representations: Affordances, Numbers, and Words Start Date: 01/10/2014 End Date: 10/04/2019
  • Leigh Fernandez Pupillometry and Filler Gap Dependencies Start Date: 01/07/2012 End Date: 20/02/2014
  • Katie Trueman Start Date: 01/10/2018 End Date: 05/12/2019

  • Psychology PhD November 29 2007
  • Psychology MSc June 12 2004
  • Linguistics MA June 30 1993

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