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Dr Andriy Myachykov

Associate Professor

Department: Psychology

HLS Andri Myachykov Staffprofile 255 (1)Dr Andriy Myachykov completed his PhD in Psychology at University of Glasgow in 2007. Andriy is the Module Leader for the course “Cognitive Science and Neuropsychology” (PY0661). He is also a Module Tutor for Introduction of Psychology: Cognitive (PY0416). Before coming Northumbria in 2012, Andriy worked at University of Edinburgh, University of Dundee, and University of Glasgow.





Campus Address

146 Northumberland building


  • Psychology PhD September 01 2004
  • Psychology MSc September 01 2002
  • Linguistics MA September 01 1993

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • A hierarchical view of abstractness, Myachykov, A., Fischer, M. 1 Jul 2019, In: Physics of Life Reviews
  • Crosslinguistic interplay between semantics and phonology in late bilinguals, Novitskiy, N., Myachykov, A., Shtyrov, Y. 1 Mar 2019, In: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition
  • Effects of Visual Priming and Event Orientation on Word Order Choice in Russian Sentence Production, Pokhoday, M., Shtyrov, Y., Myachykov, A. 20 Aug 2019, In: Frontiers in Psychology
  • Hierarchical structure priming from mathematics to two- and three-site relative clause attachment, Scheepers, C., Galkina, A., Shtyrov, Y., Myachykov, A. 1 Aug 2019, In: Cognition
  • Random word generation reveals spatial encoding of syllabic word length, Myachykov, A., Chapman, A., Beal, J., Scheepers, C. 9 Apr 2019, In: British Journal of Psychology
  • Attention and Memory Play Different Roles in Syntactic Choice During Sentence Production, Myachykov, A., Garrod, S., Scheepers, C. 17 Feb 2018, In: Discourse Processes
  • Automatic lexical access in visual modality, Stupina, E., Myachykov, A., Shtyrov, Y. 2 Oct 2018, In: Frontiers in Psychology
  • Different answers to different audiences, Martín-Luengo, B., Shtyrov, Y., Luna, K., Myachykov, A. 2018, In: Memory
  • Effects of Auditory and Visual Cueing of Attention on Syntactic Choice in Sentence Production, Pokhoday, М., Myachykov, А. 30 Jun 2018, In: Psychology, Journal of the Higher School of Economics
  • Many Labs 2: Investigating Variation in Replicability Across Samples and Settings, Klein, R., Vianello, M., Hasselman, F., Adams, B., Adams, R., Alper, S., Aveyard, M., Axt, J., Babalola, M., Bahník, Š., Batra, R., Berkics, M., Bernstein, M., Berry, D., Bialobrzeska, O., Binan, E., Bocian, K., Brandt, M., Busching, R., Rédei, A., Cai, H., Cambier, F., Cantarero, K., Carmichael, C., Ceric, F., Chandler, J., Chang, J., Chatard, A., Chen, E., Cheong, W., Cicero, D., Coen, S., Coleman, J., Collisson, B., Conway, M., Corker, K., Curran, P., Cushman, F., Dagona, Z., Dalgar, I., Dalla Rosa, A., Davis, W., De Bruijn, M., De Schutter, L., Devos, T., De Vries, M., Doğulu, C., Dozo, N., Dukes, K., Dunham, Y., Durrheim, K., Ebersole, C., Edlund, J., Eller, A., English, A., Finck, C., Frankowska, N., Freyre, M., Friedman, M., Galliani, E., Gandi, J., Ghoshal, T., Giessner, S., Gill, T., Gnambs, T., Gómez, Á., González, R., Graham, J., Grahe, J., Grahek, I., Green, E., Hai, K., Haigh, M., Haines, E., Hall, M., Heffernan, M., Hicks, J., Houdek, P., Huntsinger, J., Huynh, H., Ijzerman, H., Inbar, Y., Innes-ker, Å., Jiménez-leal, W., John, M., Joy-gaba, J., Kamiloğlu, R., Kappes, H., Karabati, S., Karick, H., Keller, V., Kende, A., Kervyn, N., Knežević, G., Kovacs, C., Krueger, L., Kurapov, G., Kurtz, J., Lakens, D., Lazarević, L., Levitan, C., Lewis, N., Lins, S., Lipsey, N., Losee, J., Maassen, E., Maitner, A., Malingumu, W., Mallett, R., Marotta, S., Međedović, J., Mena-pacheco, F., Milfont, T., Morris, W., Murphy, S., Myachykov, A., Neave, N., Neijenhuijs, K., Nelson, A., Neto, F., Lee Nichols, A., Ocampo, A., O’donnell, S., Oikawa, H., Oikawa, M., Ong, E., Orosz, G., Osowiecka, M., Packard, G., Pérez-sánchez, R., Petrović, B., Pilati, R., Pinter, B., Podesta, L., Pogge, G., Pollmann, M., Rutchick, A., Saavedra, P., Saeri, A., Salomon, E., Schmidt, K., Schönbrodt, F., Sekerdej, M., Sirlopú, D., Skorinko, J., Smith, M., Smith-castro, V., Smolders, K., Sobkow, A., Sowden, W., Spachtholz, P., Srivastava, M., Steiner, T., Stouten, J., Street, C., Sundfelt, O., Szeto, S., Szumowska, E., Tang, A., Tanzer, N., Tear, M., Theriault, J., Thomae, M., Torres, D., Traczyk, J., Tybur, J., Ujhelyi, A., Van Aert, R., Van Assen, M., Van Der Hulst, M., Van Lange, P., Van ’t Veer, A., Vásquez- Echeverría, A., Ann Vaughn, L., Vázquez, A., Vega, L., Verniers, C., Verschoor, M., Voermans, I., Vranka, M., Welch, C., Wichman, A., Williams, L., Wood, M., Woodzicka, J., Wronska, M., Young, L., Zelenski, J., Zhijia, Z., Nosek, B. 1 Dec 2018, In: Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science

PGR Supervision

  • Katie Trueman Start: 01/10/2018
  • Ashley Chapman Interactions Between Knowledge Representations: Affordances, Numbers, and Words Start: 01/10/2014


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