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Dr Andriy Myachykov

Associate Professor in Psychology

Department: Psychology

Dr Andriy Myachykov is an Associate Professor and the Ethics Director at Psychology Department.

HLS Andri Myachykov Staffprofile 255 (1)Dr Andriy Myachykov completed his PhD in Psychology at University of Glasgow in 2007. Andriy is the Module Leader for the course “Cognitive Science and Neuropsychology” (PY0661). He is also a Module Tutor for Introduction of Psychology: Cognitive (PY0416). Before coming Northumbria in 2012, Andriy worked at University of Edinburgh, University of Dundee, and University of Glasgow.





Campus Address

146 Northumberland building

0191 2273158


  • PhD in Psychology, University of Glasgow
  • MSc in Psychology, University of Oregon

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

In my research, I pursue two broad interrelated topics. The first topic addresses the role of general cognitive processes, such as memorial activation and attentional control, in the organization of language representations. My second topic relates to simulated and grounded theories of cognition in their application to abstract and concrete language. In addition, I have been actively involved in international collaborative research on sleep and insomnia, cognitive mechanisms of dyslexia, neuropsychological correlates of embodied concept representations, the role of metamemory in social interaction, cognitive aspects of translating, and bilingual cognitive advantage.

Sponsors and Collaborators

Paul Engelhardt (University of East Anglia), Christoph Scheepers (University of Glasgow), Russell Tomlin (University of Oregon), Martin Fischer (Potsdam University), Yury Shtyrov (Aarhus University)

Key Publications

Myachykov, A., Garrod, S., & Scheepers, C. (2017). Attention and memory play different roles in syntactic choice during sentence production. Discourse Processes, 1-12. DOI: 10.1080/0163853X.2017.1330044.

Dagaev, N., Shtyrov, Y., & Myachykov, A. (2017). The role of executive control in the activation of manual affordances. Psychological Research, 81(6), 1110-1124. DOI: 10.1007/s00426-016-0807-9.

Scheepers, C., Raffray, C., & Myachykov, A. (2017). The lexical boost in structural priming is not diagnostic of lexically-specific syntactic representations. Journal of Memory and Language, 95, 102-115. DOI: 10.1016/j.jml.2017.03.001.

Vukovic, N., Feurra, M., Shpektor, A., Myachykov, A. and Shtyrov, Y. (2017). Primary motor cortex functionally contributes to language comprehension: A TMS study of action word processing. Neuropsychologia, 96, 222-229. DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2017.01.025.

Myachykov, A., Ellis, R., Cangelosi, A., & Fischer, M.H. (2016). Ocular drift along the mental number line. Psychological Research, 80(3), 379–388. DOI: 10.1007/s00426-015-0731-4.

Myachykov, A., Scheepers, C., Fischer, M.H., & Kessler, K. (2014). TEST: A Tropic, Embodied, and Situated Theory of cognition. Topics in Cognitive Science, 6(3), 442-460. DOI: 10.1111/tops.12024.

To view my Northumbria Research Link page click here.

PGR Supervision

  • Katie Trueman

  • Dimana Kardzhieva


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