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Discover how Northumbria can help maximise your potential through education, consultancy & world leading research.

The world is changing faster than ever before. The future is there to be won by organisations who find ways to turn today's possibilities into tomorrows competitive edge. In a connected world, collaboration can be the key to success.

Education and Training

Northumbria University works in collaboration with organisations who are looking to upskill or reskill their workforce to innovate and achieve ambitions for growth or increased productivity.   We place emphasis on creating and applying knowledge that creates an impact. Through excellent research, education and innovation the University is pledged to transforming lives and making a powerful contribution to social, cultural and economic development. Delivering Continuing Professional Development (CPD), apprenticeships and training gives the University the chance to develop our research networks and deliver research-informed learning to an external audience. 

We have a global reach and have interdisciplinary themes that bring together expertise from across the University to address pressing challenges of this century and beyond.  Our themes are aligned specifically with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and provide a unique platform for collaboration between the University and external organisations to deliver cutting-edge, impactful research, education and training. 

Research and Consultancy

Northumbria’s global, regional and cultural partnerships aim to leverage the impact of research to address economic and societal issues as well as the urgent global challenges facing humanity such as climate change. Through collaboration with businesses, cultural organisations, government and institutions around the world, Northumbria aims to work innovatively with others to advance progress in a research-driven way.

Our partnerships and business development team can help you to access expertise from our academics, unlock funding streams to support R&D, and help ensure you have the right skills in your team to navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

Visit our Business Services Homepage to discover more.

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