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Other Sources of Financial Aid

There are other methods of funding your studies outside of Federal Aid. Please ensure you have researched your eligibility for Federal Aid before taking out a private loan. Alongside the 592 plans explained below, self funded students are welcome to explore their options. Students wishing to self fund their studies should email if they have any questions.

Please be aware that students taking out Private Loans must still contact the University in order for their loans to be processed. Please email the US Financial Aid Team here.

Whatever source of funding you use, we would advise you to undertake a budgeting exercise to understand the full cost of your studies, including but not limited to, Tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses. please see our International Money Matters page for further information

Alternate Forms of Funding

A Private Loan is a non-federal education loan, through a private lender, typically in the student’s name and requiring a cosigner. Approval and interest rates are based on the creditworthiness of the borrower and cosigner. Each alternative lender has different eligibility requirements, loan rates, terms, and conditions.


Students who are eligible for federal student aid should complete the FAFSA and exhaust all federal loans and scholarship opportunities, before applying for a private alternative loan. Federal student loans generally have more favourable terms and conditions than private loans. We recommend that you utilise all federal loan eligibility before turning to private loans.


Please be aware you must make contact with the US Financial Aid Team in order for your Private Loans to be processed. Please email the team here.


The University is willing to work with any lender who offers alternative educational loans to students enrolled at Foreign Institutions. Currently we are aware of only one such lender, Sallie Mae, but students are advised to explore all options available to them and can opt to use any lender.


Sallie Mae offer a Smart Option Student Loan for Undergraduates and a Graduate School Loan for Postgraduate Study.


Northumbria University works closely with Global Education Management Services. Look on their website to find the most suitable student loan for your field of study. 

  • What is a 529 plan?
  • A 529 plan is a tax advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future college costs. Legally, ‘Qualified Tuition Plans’ they are sponsored by the states and are authorised by section 529 of the IRS code.

  • There are 2 types of plans: prepaid tuition plans and education savings plans.

  • 529 plans can be used to pay for ‘Qualified Higher Education Expenses’ including tuition fees, accommodation, and other academic related expenses.

  • For further information please click here

  • Eligibility
  • If you have a 592 plan, you may be eligible to use this for your studies at Northumbria University. You should check with your plan administrator, but as Northumbria University is a Title IV approved school (code 03029500), it is likely you will be able to use your plan here.
  • If you wish to pay tuition fees or university accommodation with a 529 plan, please contact the Financial Aid team at the email address below for further information.
  • Please email any forms that need completing by Northumbria University to the Financial Aid Team at 






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