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Distance Learning FAQs

  • Avoid travel and overseas living costs
  • Flexibility to study wherever and whenever you choose
  • UK University award – no distinction that you studied online
  • Professional tuition from expert online learning tutors
  • Ability to fit studies around your commitments
  • Affordable fees and payment plans
  • Dedicated online distance learning support team
  • Enhanced career prospects and employability

With distance learning from Northumbria University you can study almost anywhere. You will study by reading, watching, listening and interacting with materials accessed from our eLearning Portal. You may also take part in debates and discussions with academics and fellow students.

Flexibility is one of the key benefits of studying as a distance learning student. You'll be able to plan your studies around your existing commitments and study from anywhere in the world.

 Before starting your course, make sure you have internet access and a reliable laptop. We want to avoid any technical problems that could hold back your course progress.

You will get the most out of your degree when you fully engage with all aspects of the course. We encourage you to take part in all online activities, interactive exercises and forum discussions, as well as make use of our extra-curricular services.

If you struggle to take part in any activities, please speak to your Student Success Advisor. They will offer support and advice to help you complete your studies successfully. Your course leaders recommend you set aside at least 15-20 hours of study time per week.

Shortly, you'll gain access to the University's eLearning platform (eLP), Blackboard. Familiarise yourself with the platform and work through the induction material. It will help you to prepare for the weeks ahead.

As part of your induction, you will receive an email invitation to attend a welcome webinar where you will:

  • Engage with your academic leads
  • Meet your Student Success Advisor
  • Identify a selection of services available to you
  • Interact with the other students on the course
  • Ask any initial questions you may have

We encourage you to make time to attend the webinar - it's a great opportunity to get your learning off to the best possible start.

The first thing you should do is contact your Student Success Advisor. They have years of experience in helping busy students to succeed. 

There is no difference between the qualification you receive on a Distance Learning course and the equivalent qualification which you might study for on campus.

If you are near enough to do so, you are very welcome to visit the university and use its facilities, including the University Library and IT facilities. You might also like to come for the Award ceremony when you take your degree. As a Northumbria student, you are also a member of the Students’ Union and can use its facilities. You should obtain a Library Card before visiting the university. This is a smart card which gives you access to the library and other buildings. If you would like to meet one of your tutors, please e-mail for an appointment. The Programme Leader is always delighted to meet students in person.

When studying via distance learning with Northumbria University you have access to a wide range of help and support. Details of the support you will receive is outlined in this Welcome Pack.

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