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Dean Brown

Senior Research Fellow

Department: Northumbria School of Design

Dean Brown is a 3D designer and researcher based in London.  As a member of the Interaction Research Studio he pursues practive based research exploring the design of computational systems for everyday life. Projects include EPSRC funded MyNaturewatch, Yo-Yo Machines, ProbeTools and More-than-Human Data Interactions in the City (MoTH). He is adept at creating engaging designs from humble materials and has used his network to create links between the Studio and the wider design community. 

In parallel to his research Dean is the founder of Brown Office - a multidisciplinary studio creating objects, installations and interiors for clients including Google, V&A, Uniqlo, Campari, Sèvres, Depop and Barbican Library. The work of Brown Office is exhibited regularly at the Milan Design Week, London Design Festival, the Aram Gallery and Schloss Hollenegg. 

Dean studied Product Design at DJCAD, Dundee (2003-2007) followed by a residency period at Fabrica Research Centre, Italy (2010-2014).  Amongst other things he has designed vases, cameras, kitchens and sunglasses for puffins. 

Dean Brown

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  • Build, Customise and Use your very own ProbeTools Camera, Boucher, A., Brown, D., Ovalle, L., Sheen, A., Vanis, M., Gaver, W., Matsuda, N. 1 Sep 2018, Ace Hotel Workshop

3D Design BSc (Hons) August 31 2007

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