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Kate Randall


Department: Applied Sciences

Kate Randall

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  • Mind the gaps: What do we know about how multiple chemical stressors impact freshwater aquatic microbiomes?, Bani, A., Randall, K., Clark, D., Gregson, B., Henderson, D., Losty, E., Ferguson, R. 21 Nov 2022, Advances in Ecological Research, Elsevier
  • Fungal decomposition of river organic matter accelerated by decreasing glacier cover, Fell, S., Carrivick, J., Cauvy-Fraunié, S., Crespo-Pérez, V., Hood, E., Randall, K., Nicholass, K., Tiegs, S., Dumbrell, A., Brown, L. 1 Apr 2021, In: Nature Climate Change
  • Soil heterogeneity within a vineyard impacts the beta but not the alpha microbial agro-diversity, Signorini, M., Borruso, L., Randall, K., Dumbrell, A., Pii, Y., Mimmo, T., Cesco, S. 1 Oct 2021, In: Applied Soil Ecology
  • An Assessment of Climate Induced Increase in Soil Water Availability for Soil Bacterial Communities Exposed to Long-Term Differential Phosphorus Fertilization, Randall, K., Brennan, F., Clipson, N., Creamer, R., Griffiths, B., Storey, S., Doyle, E. 15 May 2020, In: Frontiers in Microbiology
  • Key Questions for Next-Generation Biomonitoring, Makiola, A., Compson, Z., Baird, D., Barnes, M., Boerlijst, S., Bouchez, A., Brennan, G., Bush, A., Canard, E., Cordier, T., Creer, S., Curry, R., David, P., Dumbrell, A., Gravel, D., Hajibabaei, M., Hayden, B., van der Hoorn, B., Jarne, P., Jones, J., Karimi, B., Keck, F., Kelly, M., Knot, I., Krol, L., Massol, F., Monk, W., Murphy, J., Pawlowski, J., Poisot, T., Porter, T., Randall, K., Ransome, E., Ravigné, V., Raybould, A., Robin, S., Schrama, M., Schatz, B., Tamaddoni-Nezhad, A., Trimbos, K., Vacher, C., Vasselon, V., Wood, S., Woodward, G., Bohan, D. 9 Jan 2020, In: Frontiers in Environmental Science
  • Soil bacterial community structure and functional responses across a long-term mineral phosphorus (Pi) fertilisation gradient differ in grazed and cut grasslands, Randall, K., Brennan, F., Clipson, N., Creamer, R., Griffiths, B., Storey, S., Doyle, E. 1 Jun 2019, In: Applied Soil Ecology
  • Streams of data from drops of water: 21st century molecular microbial ecology, Clark, D., Ferguson, R., Harris, D., Nicholass, K., Prentice, H., Randall, K., Randell, L., Warren, S., Dumbrell, A. 1 Jul 2018, In: Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water
  • Increasing phosphorus supply is not the mechanism by which arbuscular mycorrhiza increase attractiveness of bean (Vicia faba) to aphids, Babikova, Z., Gilbert, L., Randall, K., Bruce, T., Pickett, J., Johnson, D. 1 Oct 2014, In: Journal of Experimental Botany

Ecology PhD January 01 2016

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