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Integrated Health & Social Care

Researchtheme 6_largeThis programme of research will enhance existing cross-departmental and cross-faculty research by encapsulating future activity under the over-arching theme of ’Integrated Health and Social Care’, at local, national and international levels; predominantly focusing on areas of unmet need.  Inter-related research strands will develop and test interventions that are designed to optimise the health and wellbeing of individuals and groups throughout the life-course, as well as exploring and analysing institutional structures involved in shaping interventions through associated health, educational, economic and social impact. Global challenges around poverty, social justice and non-communicable disease means that research groups within this theme are in a unique position to conduct high quality research with world class impact.



What are the most effective ways to have an impact on today’s health and social care challenges?

In recent years Northumbria University has attracted over £15 million of research grants to explore different aspects of this question. Our main areas of research activity are: Creative Health Interventions and Wellbeing Technologies in Context; Schools and Vulnerable Populations; Family and Social Justice; Physical Activity and Diet in the Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease Burden. 

There is an unprecedented demographic change underway, as the proportion of young people declines, while that of older people and the incidence of chronic medical conditions are increasing.

Through our research we have built up a wide variety of partnerships, collaborations and connections with organisations such as the NHS, Public Health England, the Care Quality Commission, the British Medical Association, the Family Justice Board and many others.

This research brings together the disciplines of Psychology, Education and Lifelong Learning, Healthcare, Social Work and Communities, Public Health and Wellbeing, Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation, Applied Sciences, Maths and Information Sciences, Law, Design, Social Sciences and Languages.



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