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Your PhD Journey

You will experience a valuable and varied research journey. The degree programme aims to ensure that students coming from diverse disciplines gain the interdisciplinary skills needed for Citizen-Centred AI over the course of 4 years. Throughout your research and learning journey you will be supported by two Research Software Engineers with AI expertise. Training will be tailored to each student’s needs with some training compulsory and others optional based on each student’s existing skills. 

Year 1

Students will undergo training in the computational foundations of AI, Human-Centred and Inclusive design and the regulation and governance of AI. Students will undergo group projects, some of which will be in collaboration with the centre’s public, third sector and business partners bringing in experiential learning from the onset. 

Years 2-4

Students will pursue their independent doctoral research in collaboration with supervisors with expertise in the topic of research and who match and/or complement each student’s skill set. 

A weekly seminar series will be dedicated for students, supervisors, and partners to engage with continuously evolving AI landscape as well as bring to the fore often marginalised understandings of AI including but not limited to queer, feminist, more-than-human and decolonial theories. 

During their degree studies the students will be supported to undertake placements at one of the Centre’s partner organisations and will undergo professional development training to ensure that they work towards their individual career aspirations whether it be in academia or industry.


Download the readable version of the below infographic, here.


Infographic that explains all stages of the course.



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