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Dr Remy Dubertrand

VC Senior Fellow

Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

I got my PhD in 2008 at the university of Paris-Sud Orsay after being under the supervision of Prof. E. Bogomolny. I did several postdocs in UK, France, Belgium and Germany.

I was appointed as a Vice-Chancellor Fellow in November 2019 at the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering at the university of Northumbria.

My research is centered on quantum complex systems. The transition between classical (Hamiltonian) systems and quantum mechanics has been studied for several decades using semiclassical techniques, in a research domain dubbed as 'quantum chaos'. I have been recently interested in extending those techniques for systems with a large, possibly infinite, number of degrees of freedom.

Remy Dubertrand


Theoretical Physics PhD September 23 2008

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Analytical results for the quantum non-Markovianity of spin ensembles undergoing pure dephasing dynamics, Dubertrand, R., Cesa, A., Martin, J. 26 Jun 2018, In: Physical Review A
  • Bohmian trajectories for the half-line barrier, Dubertrand, R., Shim, J., Struyve, W. 23 Feb 2018, In: Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
  • Scaling Theory of the Anderson Transition in Random Graphs: Ergodicity and Universality, Garcia-Mata, I., Giraud, O., Georgeot, B., Martin, J., Dubertrand, R., Lemarie, G. 17 Apr 2017, In: Physical Review Letters
  • Origin of emission from square-shaped organic microlasers, Bittner, S., Lafargue, C., Gozhyk, I., Djellali, N., Milliet, L., Hickox-Young, D., Ulysse, C., Bouche, D., Dubertrand, R., Bogomolny, E., Zyss, J., Lebental, M. 31 Mar 2016, In: Europhysics Letters
  • Routes towards the experimental observation of the large fluctuations due to chaos-assisted tunneling effects with cold atoms, Dubertrand, R., Billy, J., Guery-Odelin, D., Georgeot, B., Lemarie, G. 12 Oct 2016, In: Physical Review A
  • Scattering theory of walking droplets in the presence of obstacles, Dubertrand, R., Hubert, M., Schlagheck, P., Vandewalle, N., Bastin, T., Martin, J. 22 Nov 2016, In: New Journal of Physics
  • Spectral statistics of chaotic many-body systems, Dubertrand, R., Mueller, S. 2 Mar 2016, In: New Journal of Physics
  • Multifractality of quantum wave functions in the presence of perturbations, Dubertrand, R., Garcia-Mata, I., Georgeot, B., Giraud, O., Lemarie, G., Martin, J. 28 Sep 2015, In: Physical Review E
  • Origin of the exponential decay of the Loschmidt echo in integrable systems, Dubertrand, R., Goussev, A. 18 Feb 2014, In: Physical Review E
  • Two Scenarios for Quantum Multifractality Breakdown, Dubertrand, R., Garcia-Mata, I., Georgeot, B., Giraud, O., Lemarie, G., Martin, J. 10 Jun 2014, In: Physical Review Letters


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