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Matthew Armstrong

Post-graduate Researcher

Department: Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation



  • MSc Clinical Exercise Physiology - Distinction

  • BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences - Upper Second Class

Overview of Doctoral Research

Effectiveness of exercise prescription during Pulmonary Rehabilitation in patients suffering from COPD 

The aim of Matt’s research is to assess the effects of different exercise Modalities during Pulmonary Rehabilitation with patients suffering from COPD. The assessment will mainly aim around interval and continuous exercise training along with lifestyle counselling and Health-related Quality of life interventions. A large area of research will then look into techniques around home-based rehabilitation in order to reduce Exacerbations and inevitably re-hospitalisation, improving the quality of life of COPD patients as well as reducing the large burden placed on the NHS. On completion of these in COPD patients the idea would then be to conduct similar rehabilitative work in patients suffering from a number of diseases including; Heart Disease, Cystic Fibrosis and Lung and Heart transplant patients.


PGR Supervision

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