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Paula Ellison

Post-graduate Researcherpaula ellison

Department: Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation

After completing her BSc in Sport and Exercise Science at Brighton University in 2011, Paula remained on to complete an MSc in Applied Exercise Physiology. She is in her final year of her PhD investigating the neurophysiological functions of multiple sclerosis fatigue and the suitability of progressive resistance exercise as a potential therapy for fatigue management in people with multiple sclerosis.






  • MSc in Applied Exercise Physiology
  • BSc in Sport and Exercise Science

Overview of Doctoral Research

Neurophysiological correlates of MS fatigue and the feasibility of progressive resistance exercise for ameliorating symptoms in people with multiple sclerosis.

Many people with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience symptoms of low-energy fatigue, which interfere with their usual and desired daily activities. MS fatigue negatively affects quality of life, mental alertness, the ability to think clearly and has a major influence on the high levels of unemployment. At the present time, MS fatigue management presents a huge challenge and the underlying causes are poorly understood. Paula’s research aims to develop a deeper understanding of why many people with MS experience high levels of fatigue, whereas others do not. By comparing neurophysiological functions between those who experience a lot of fatigue and those who do not, new insights into the underlying causes of MS fatigue can hopefully be achieved. More recently, there has been emerging evidence that progressive resistance exercise could be a particularly effective treatment for reducing MS fatigue symptoms. Paula is interested in the suitability of a practical programme of progressive resistance exercise for people who are experiencing high levels of MS fatigue. Further to this, Paula aims to explore any changes in fatigue symptoms resulting from progressive resistance exercise are accompanied by changes in neurological functioning.


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