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Sarah Browne

Post-graduate Researchersarah browne

Department: Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation

Sarah began her PhD in collaboration with Northumbria University and the GSK Human Performance Lab (HPL) in October 2014. Prior to starting her PhD Sarah completed a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science followed by an MSc in Sport Science and a PGCERT in higher education. Sarah is currently based in London and, alongside her PhD, works at the GSK HPL helping support the GSK Consumer Healthcare research and development team. 







  • MSc Sport Science
  • BSc Sport & Exercise Science

Overview of Doctoral Research

The impact of strenuous exercise on cognitive performance and mood in trained individuals

Sarah’s PhD investigates the effect of strenuous exercise on cognitive performance and mood in trained sporting individuals. Literature surrounding the impact of high-intensity exercise on cognitive performance remains contradictory. Physical fitness is known to moderate this effect with trained people being able to better cope with high physical loads. Consequently trained individuals typically perform better on cognitive tasks during and following high exertion. Anecdotal evidence however demonstrates that even high-performing athletes cognitive processes can become impaired at high intensities during sporting performances. As part of her PhD Sarah has explored the effect of ultra-endurance events, prolonged concurrent exercise and consecutive day high-intensity intermittent exercise on cognitive performance and mood. Sarah’s final study aims to investigate the effect of an intensified period of training, similar to that conducted on a training camp, on cognitive function and mood.



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