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Shaun David Wilkinson

Graduate Tutor in Sport Developmentshaun wilkinson

Post-graduate Researcher

Shaun is a Graduate Tutor in the Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation. He is also an ex PE teacher and is currently undertaking a part-time PhD. He is just about to commence his fourth year of study (as of April 2017). 





  • MA, Education
  • PGHEP, Research
  • PGCE, Secondary PE
  • BA (Hons), Sport Development with Coaching

Overview of Doctoral Research

The construction and experience of ability grouping in secondary school PE

Broadly, Shaun’s thesis investigates the ability of grouping in secondary school PE. Specifically his thesis examines the incidence of ability grouping in PE, why and how the practice is used in PE, and also how pupils experience the practice in the subject.


Wilkinson, S. D., Littlefair, D. & Barlow-Meade, L. (2013). What is recognised as ability in physical education? A systematic appraisal of how ability and ability differences are socially constructed within mainstream secondary school physical education. European Physical Education Review 19(2), 147-164.

Wilkinson, S. D. & Penney, D. (2014a). The effects of setting on classroom teaching and student learning in mainstream mathematics, English and science lessons: a critical review of the literature in England. Educational Review, 66(4), 411-427.

Wilkinson, S. D. & Penney, D. (2016). The involvement of external agencies in extra-curricular physical education: reinforcing or challenging gender and ability inequities? Sport, Education and Society, 21(5), 741-758.

Wilkinson, S. D., Penney. D. & Allin, L. (2016). Setting and within-class ability grouping: A survey of practices in physical education. European Physical Education Review, 22(3), 336-354.

Wilkinson, S. D. (2016). Equity and inequity amidst curriculum reform, in C. Ennis (ed.) Routledge Handbook of Physical Education Pedagogies (pp. 187-99). London: Routledge.

PGR Supervision

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