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Dr Tam Ho


Department: Mechanical and Construction Engineering

Tam Ho

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • An Enhanced Sampling Approach for Computing the Free Energy of Solid Surface and Solid–Liquid Interface, Nguyen, C., Ho, D., Kim, S. 1 Jan 2024, In: Advanced Theory and Simulations
  • A Novel "Water-in-Ionic Liquid" Electrolyte for Zn Metal Batteries, Zhao, Z., Lai, J., Ho, D., Lei, Y., Yin, J., Chen, L., Schwingenschloegl, U., Alshareef, H. 13 Jan 2023, In: ACS Energy Letters
  • Auxeticity of monolayer, few-layer, vdW heterostructure and ribbon penta-graphene, Ho, V., Ho, D., Shin, W., Kim, S. 14 Feb 2023, In: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
  • Functionalized Carbon Honeycomb Membranes for Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination, Voronin, A., Ho, D., Schwingenschlögl, U. 1 Oct 2023, In: Advanced Materials Interfaces
  • Graphene foam membranes with tunable pore size for next-generation reverse osmosis water desalination, Ho, D., Nguyen, T., Jangir, A., Schwingenschlögl, U. 1 Aug 2023, In: Nanoscale Horizons
  • An Ultrahigh-Flux Nanoporous Graphene Membrane for Sustainable Seawater Desalination using Low-Grade Heat, Lu, D., Zhou, Z., Wang, ., Ho, D., Sheng, G., Chen, L., Zhao, Y., Li, X., Cao, L., Schwingenschlögl, U., Ma, J., Lai, Z. 17 Mar 2022, In: Advanced Materials
  • Comment on “Electrical Switch of Poisson’s Ratio in IV–VI Monolayers via Pseudophase Transitions”, Jangir, A., Ho, D., Schwingenschlögl, U. 28 Apr 2022, In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
  • Negative out-of-plane Poisson’s ratio of bilayer graphane, Ho, V., Ho, D., Nguyen, C., Kim, S. 18 Jun 2022, In: Nanotechnology
  • Tuneable Poisson’s ratio of monolayer GeS and Ge2SSe, Jangir, A., Ho, D., Schwingenschlögl, U. 1 Oct 2022, In: Extreme Mechanics Letters
  • Designing graphene origami structures with a giant isotropic negative coefficient of thermal expansion, Ho, D., Schwingenschlögl, U. 1 Aug 2021, In: Extreme Mechanics Letters

Engineering PhD July 31 2015

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