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Prof Katie Haighton


Department: Social Work, Education and Community Wellbeing

I am an experienced applied health researcher, specialising in public health with an educational background in psychology. I am committed to translational research and work closely with policy and practice partners in the NHS, local and regional government and other public and voluntary organisations to facilitate evidence-informed practice and policy. My research on alcohol screening and brief intervention is nationally and internationally recognised and I have significant methodological expertise in the development (through systematic reviews) and evaluation of complex interventions, using natural experiments, feasibility studies, pilot and full trials. I am also a member of Fuse, the centre for translational research in public health

Katie Haighton

My research focusses on the development and evaluation of complex public health interventions using a variety of methods including systematic reviews, natural experiments, feasibility studies, pilot and full trials as well as qualitative methods. My research has examined interventions for alcohol, smoking, exercise, diet, welfare, and sleep.   

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Caregiver acceptability of a UK trial for paediatric sleep disordered breathing: A qualitative interview study, Haighton, C., Watson, R., Wilson, J., Powell, S. 14 Feb 2024, In: Clinical Otolaryngology
  • Establishing an updated consensus on the conceptual and operational definitions of Making Every Contact Count (MECC) across experts within research and practice: an international Delphi Study?, Nichol, B., Kemp, E., Wilson, R., Rodrigues, A., Hesselgreaves, H., Robson, C., Haighton, C. 1 May 2024, In: Public Health
  • Exploring the Effects of Volunteering on the Social, Mental, and Physical Health and Well-being of Volunteers: An Umbrella Review, Nichol, B., Wilson, R., Rodrigues, A., Haighton, C. 1 Feb 2024, In: Voluntas
  • A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Brief Health Behaviour Change Interventions on Service Users Accessing the Third and Social Economy Sector., Nichol, B., Rodrigues, A., Haighton, C., Wilson, R. 20 Sep 2023, In: Health & Social Care in the Community
  • Brief Intervention, Haighton, C., Kruithof, P. 1 Feb 2023, Alcohol Use: Assessment, Withdrawal Management, Treatment and Therapy, Cham, Switzerland, Springer
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  • Correction: The effect of COVID rehabilitation for ongoing symptoms Post HOSPitalisation with COVID-19 (PHOSP-R): protocol for a randomised parallel group controlled trial on behalf of the PHOSP consortium, Daynes, E., Baldwin, M., Greening, N., Yates, T., Bishop, N., Mills, G., Roberts, M., Hamrouni, M., Plekhanova, T., Vogiatzis, I., Echevarria, C., Nathu, R., McAuley, H., Latimer, L., Glennie, J., Chambers, F., Penfold, R., Hume, E., Megaritis, D., Alexiou, C., Potthof, S., Hogg, M., Haighton, C., Nichol, B., Leavy, O., Richardson, M., Elneima, O., Singapuri, A., Sereno, M., Saunders, R., Harris, V., Nolan, C., Bolton, C., Houchen-Wolloff, L., Harrison, E., Lone, N., Quint, J., Chalmers, J., Ho, L., Horsley, A., Marks, M., Poinasamy, K., Ramen, B., Wain, L., Brightling, C., Man, W., Evans, R., Singh, S. 7 Feb 2023, In: Trials
  • Embedding public health practice amongst Allied Health Professionals: A rapid scoping review of international approaches, Lowe, J., Ahmed, K., Hindle, L., Haighton, C. 20 Oct 2023, In: Journal of Allied Health
  • “I Genuinely Believe This Is the Most Stigmatised Group within the Social Care Sector”—Health and Social Care Professionals’ Experiences of Working with People with Alcohol-Related Brain Damage: A Qualitative Interview Study, Kruithof, P., McGovern, W., Haighton, C. 20 Dec 2023, In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Bethany Nichol Optimising Making Every Contact Count (MECC) in the Third and Social Economy sector Start Date: 01/10/2021

  • Health PhD September 01 2005
  • Fellow (FHEA) Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2017

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