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Dr Catherine Tsang

Assistant Professor

Department: Applied Sciences

Catherine Tsang

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Potential blood pressure lowering effect of L-citrulline supplementation in at risk populations: a meta-analysis, Jafarnejad, S., Tsang, C., Amin, N. 10 May 2022, In: Nutrition and Food Science
  • A meta-analysis of the effect of chromium supplementation on anthropometric indices of subjects with overweight or obesity, Tsang, C., Taghizadeh, M., Aghabagheri, E., Asemi, Z., Jafarnejad, S. 1 Aug 2019, In: Clinical obesity
  • A Short Study Exploring the Effect of the Glycaemic Index of the Diet on Energy Intake and Salivary Steroid Hormones, Al-Dujaili, E., Ashmore, S., Tsang, C. 24 Jan 2019, In: Nutrients
  • Effect of cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) supplementation on serum C-reactive protein concentrations: A meta-analysis and systematic review., Vallianou, N., Tsang, C., Taghizadeh, M., Davoodvandi, A., Jafarnejad, S. 1 Feb 2019, In: Complementary Therapies in Medicine
  • Effect of Polyphenol-Rich Dark Chocolate on Salivary Cortisol and Mood in Adults, Tsang, C., Hodgson, L., Bussu, A., Farhat, G., Al-Dujaili, E. 29 May 2019, In: Antioxidants
  • A meta-analysis of cumin (Cuminum cyminim L.) consumption on metabolic and anthropometric indices in overweight and type 2 diabetics., Jafarnejad, S., Tsang, C., Taghizadeh, M., Asemi, Z., Keshavarz, S. 1 May 2018, In: Journal of Functional Foods
  • Antioxidant Rich Potato Improves Arterial Stiffness in Healthy Adults, Tsang, C., Smail, N., Almoosawi, S., McDougall, G., Al-Dujaili, E. 1 Sep 2018, In: Plant Foods for Human Nutrition
  • Olive Oil Nutraceuticals in the Prevention and Management of Diabetes; From Molecules to Lifestyle, Alkhatib, A., Tsang, C., Tuomilehto, J. 12 Jul 2018, In: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
  • Anthocyanin-rich Potato Improves Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Healthy Human Adults, Tsang, C., Almoosawi, S., Smail, N., Al-Dujaili, E. 2017, 2nd International Conference on Obesity and Weight Loss: Cardiovascular section
  • Functional Foods and Lifestyle Approaches for Diabetes Prevention and Management, Alkhatib, A., Tsang, C., Tiss, A., Bahorun, T., Arefanian, H., Barake, R., Khadir, A., Tuomilehto, J. 1 Dec 2017, In: Nutrients

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Organising a conference, workshop, ...: Food and Health Forum, The Royal Society of Medicine - The Place of Nutrition in Medical Education. 2020
  • Invited talk: Food and Health Forum, The Royal Society of Medicine - The Place of Nutrition in Medical Education. "Impact of Nutrition in Health". 2020
  • Participating in a conference, workshop, ...: ISCHOM 3rd International congress. Chair session 1: "Cocoa Polyphenols and Health". 2019
  • Invited talk: ISCHOM 3rd International congress "Effect of Cocoa Polyphenols on Glucocorticoids and markers of Stress" 2019
  • Membership of committee: International Society of Chocolate and Cocoa in Medicine (ISCHOM) (External organisation) 2019
  • Editorial work: Antioxidants (Journal) 2019
  • Invited talk: Scholarship Professor Mobility ERASMUS Plus Programme. International Teaching Week "Challenge your Borders" HAN University Applied Sciences. Faculty of Health and Social Care. 2019
  • Membership of committee: Council Board Member of The Food and Health Forum at The Royal Society of Medicine (External organisation) 2018
  • Participating in a conference, workshop, ...: Nutrition Futures 2018 - The Nutrition Society. The Assembly Rooms, Newcastle, UK. Student Internship Award Presentations. 2018
  • Visiting an external academic institution: Université de Bordeaux 2018

  • Nutrition MSc
  • Nutrition PhD
  • Fellow of The Higher Education Academy FHEA
  • Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine FRSM
  • Post graduate certificate in Higher Education, Teaching and Learning PGCHE

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