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Dr Nayantara Santhi

Associate Professor

Department: Psychology

Nayantara Santhi

Key Publications

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  • Individual differences and diversity in human physiological responses to light, Spitschan, M., Santhi, N. Jan 2022, In: EBioMedicine
  • Science Forum: Sex differences and sex bias in human circadian and sleep physiology research, Spitschan, M., Santhi, N., Ahluwalia, A., Fischer, D., Hunt, L., Karp, N., Lévi, F., Pineda-Torra, I., Vidafar, P., White, R. 18 Feb 2022, In: eLife
  • Sleepiness is a signal to go to bed: data and model simulations, Shochat, T., Santhi, N., Herer, P., Dijk, D., Skeldon, A. 11 Oct 2021, In: Sleep
  • Testing an early online intervention for the treatment of disturbed sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic in self-reported good and poor sleepers (Sleep COVID-19): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial, Sawdon, O., Elder, G., Santhi, N., Alfonso-Miller, P., Ellis, J. Dec 2021, In: Trials
  • Testing an early online intervention for the treatment of disturbed sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic (Sleep COVID-19), Elder, G., Alfonso-Miller, P., Atkinson, W., Santhi, N., Ellis, J. Dec 2020, In: Trials
  • Healthier rhythm, healthier brain? Integrity of circadian melatonin and temperature rhythms relates to the clinical state of brain-injured patients, Blume, C., Angerer, M., Raml, M., del Giudice, R., Santhi, N., Pichler, G., Kunz, A., Scarpatetti, M., Trinka, E., Schabus, M. 1 Aug 2019, In: European Journal of Neurology
  • Sleep Timing in Late Autumn and Late Spring Associates With Light Exposure Rather Than Sun Time in College Students, Shochat, T., Santhi, N., Herer, P., Flavell, S., Skeldon, A., Dijk, D. 28 Aug 2019, In: Frontiers in Neuroscience
  • Significance of circadian rhythms in severely brain-injured patients A clue to consciousness?, Blume, C., Lechinger, J., Santhi, N., del Giudice, R., Gnjezda, M., Pichler, G., Scarpatetti, M., Donis, J., Michitsch, G., Schabus, M. 16 May 2017, In: Neurology
  • Sex differences in the circadian regulation of sleep and waking cognition in humans, Santhi, N., Lazar, A., McCabe, P., Lo, J., Groeger, J., Dijk, D. 10 May 2016, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • Mistimed sleep disrupts circadian regulation of the human transcriptome, Archer, S., Laing, E., Moeller-Levet, C., van der Veen, D., Bucca, G., Lazar, A., Santhi, N., Slak, A., Kabiljo, R., von Schantz, M., Smith, C., Dijk, D. 11 Feb 2014, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

PGR Supervision

Mark Turnbull Circadian disruption and its effects on emotional face perception Start Date: 01/10/2021


Psychology PhD August 31 2000

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