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Dr. Julio de Carvalho Ponce

Assistant Professor

Department: Applied Sciences

Julio de Carvalho Ponce

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • The use of prodrugs as drugs of abuse, de Carvalho Ponce, J. 19 Mar 2024, In: WIREs Forensic Science
  • The mystery behind the apprehensions of the selective cannabinoid receptor type-2 agonist BZO-HEXOXIZID (MDA-19) as a drug of abuse, de Araujo, K., Fabris, A., Neves Júnior, L., de Carvalho Ponce, J., Soares, A., Costa, J., Yonamine, M. 1 Jan 2023, In: Forensic Toxicology
  • Detection of cocaine crystals dispersed on non- Erythroxylum herbs, de Carvalho Ponce, J., Neves Junior, L., da Silva, A., Liberatori, L., de Medeiros, P. 1 Mar 2022, In: Forensic Science International
  • Lucy is back in Brazil with a new dress, Junior, L., Fabris, A., Barbosa, I., de Carvalho Ponce, J., Martins, A., Costa, J., Yonamine, M. 1 Dec 2022, In: Forensic Science International
  • Synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists profile in infused papers seized in Brazilian prisons, Rodrigues, T., Souza, M., de Melo Barbosa, L., de Carvalho Ponce, J., Júnior, L., Yonamine, M., Costa, J. 1 Jan 2022, In: Forensic Toxicology
  • Comparison of traffic data and blood alcohol concentration among fatally injured drivers in Norway and Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2005–2015, Ponce, J., Andreuccetti, G., Gonçalves, R., Gjerde, H., Bogstrand, S., Valen, A., Leyton, V., Carvalho, H. 3 Oct 2019, In: Traffic Injury Prevention
  • Drink driving and speeding in Sao Paulo, Brazil: Empirical cross-sectional study (2015-2018), Andreuccetti, G., Leyton, V., Carvalho, H., Sinagawa, D., Bombana, H., Ponce, J., Allen, K., Vecino-Ortiz, A., Hyder, A. 1 Aug 2019, In: BMJ Open
  • Alcohol use by suicide victims in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2011–2015, Gonçalves, R., Ponce, J., Leyton, V. Jan 2018, In: Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine
  • Alcohol and other drug use by Brazilian truck drivers: A cause for concern?, de Oliveira, L., Yonamine, M., Andreucceti, G., Ponce, J., Leyton, V. Mar 2012, In: Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria
  • Erratum, Andreuccetti, G., Carvalho, H., Cherpitel, C., Ye, Y., Ponce, J., Kahn, T., Leyton, V. Jan 2012, In: Addiction

  • Medicine PhD October 22 2020
  • Health Studies MSc March 04 2010

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