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Claire Murphy-Morgan

Postgraduate Associate

Department: Psychology

I am currently a full-time Senior Research Assitant for Remote Healthcare for Eating Disorders throughout COVID-19 (RHED-C) based in PaCT lab, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

I am a member of the North East Hoarding Research Group, and have recently completed a 12 month project funded by Sir Halley Stewart Trust in partnership with Gateshead Council exploring the impact of Hoarding and Social Networks on attitudes towards older adults in the North East of England. I am also currently part of a research team exploring help seeking-behaviours in individuals who hoard. 


Claire Murphy-Morgan

Research Interests:

Remote healthcare interventions for eating disorders

The impact of hoarding behaviours and social networks on attitudes towards supported housing 

Developing multi-agency, and person-led, self-help, appraoches to dealing with the impact of hoarding behaviours 

Parapsychology and life after death beliefs 

How parapsychology and psychical research is disucssed in cyberspace (for which I cam currently working towards a PhD by publication as Alex Tanous Foundation Scholar)

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • “In the Only House in the Whole World but Everyone Doing the Same” Co-designed Animation as a Method of Critical Enquiry to Explore HCI Considerations for Remote Eating Disorder Support, Murphy-Morgan, C., Collingham, H., Shaddock, H., Branley-Bell, D. 11 May 2024, Extended Abstracts of the 2024 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA '24), New York, US, ACM
  • “"Some distance between us": A UK mixed methods study exploring experiences of remote care for eating disorders during COVID-19”, Murphy-Morgan, C., Brown, R., Love, C., Branley-Bell, D. 20 May 2024, In: Frontiers in Psychiatry
  • Assessing Public Perspectives of Parapsychology through Facebook: A Discourse Analysis Utilizing Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement, Murphy-Morgan, C., Smith, L. 3 Aug 2023, Abstracts of Presented Papers , Parapsychological Association
  • Designing remote care services for eating disorders: HCI considerations and provocations based upon service user experience and requirements, Branley-Bell, D., Murphy-Morgan, C. 23 Feb 2023
  • Health Stigma on Twitter: Investigating the Prevalence and Type of Stigma Communication in Tweets about Different Conditions and Disorders, Brown, R., Sillence, E., Coventry, L., Branley-Bell, D., Murphy-Morgan, C., Durrant, A. 13 Oct 2023, In: Frontiers in Communication
  • It’s not all about control: Challenging mainstream framing of eating disorders, Branley-Bell, D., Talbot, C., Downs , J., Figueras, C., Green, J., McGilley, B., Murphy-Morgan, C. 19 Feb 2023, In: Journal of Eating Disorders
  • Assessing public perspectives of parapsychology through YouTube commentaries, Murphy-Morgan, C., Cooper, C., Smith , L. 31 Dec 2022, In: Australian Journal of Parapsychology
  • The Battle For the Internet, Murphy-Morgan, C. 1 Mar 2022, In: Journal of Parapsychology
  • The challenges and benefits of Remote Support for Eating Disorders throughout COVID-19: Perspectives from service providers in the not-for-profit sector in England, UK, Murphy-Morgan, C., Branley-Bell, D. 14 Nov 2022
  • Parapsychology’s Battle for the Internet: A Critical Insight into the Wiki Problem, Murphy-Morgan, C., McLuhan, R., Cooper, C. 6 Jul 2021, BPS Cyberpsychology Conference

  • Psychology MSc November 08 2017
  • Graduate Member (MBPsS) British Psychological Society (BPS) 2021

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